Social media resources and how-to

Social media resources and how-to



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What is Facebook?

What is the difference between a Page and a Group? 

How do I set up a page? (Facebook Pages Manual pdf download)

How do I use my Facebook Page to connect with students, faculty, alumni?

How do I choose a vanity URL for my Facebook Page?

How do I create a Facebook Place?

How do I claim an existing Facebook Place?

How do I merge my Facebook Place with my Page?

How do I convert my Facebook profile into a Page?

How do I create Facebook Ads?

Facebook tips and tricks

Brock University's Facebook page guidelines


What is Twitter?

Twitter for business

Twitter 101

How do I set up a Twitter account? 

How do I link from my website to my Twitter account?

How do I use Twitter Advanced Search?

Twitter Best Practices

Twitter Glossery

Advertising on Twitter


What is YouTube?

YouTube essentials

How do I set up a YouTube account?

How do I upload a video to YouTube?

Community guidelines


What is LinkedIn?

How do I set up a LinkedIn group?

Managing your account settings


What is Flickr?

How do I upload photos to Flickr?

What do I get with a Flickr Pro account?


What is Instagram?

Instagram basics

Instagram for business



What is Pinterest?

Pinterest for Business

Getting started

Pinterest tips & tricks

How to install a 'pin it' button


What is Google+?

How do I get started with Google+?

How does the home page work?

What are circles?

What are hangouts?

How do I share on Google+?

What should I put on my profile?

What is the +1 button for?

What's a G+ community?


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