Naming Policy

Naming Policy

Category: Advancement
Number: 5.03

Brock University encourages the naming of buildings, facilities, endowed awards and chairs and other assets to honour the distinguished contributions of donors and others to the University, to Niagara and to Canada.


The purpose of this policy is:

  • To clarify the process under which assets are named.
  • To identify the circumstances under which names will not be accepted.
  • To communicate the rationale for removing names from assets.

This policy applies equally to all Brock University Departments and Faculties, the Brock University Foundation and the Friends of Brock University (a public foundation incorporated in USA).

The University may from time to time name buildings or other assets after individuals who have made significant     contributions to the life of the University or the community at large. Such naming opportunities will normally be  reviewed by the Advancement, Community Relations and Research Committee and recommended for approval to the Board of Trustees.

Responsibility: Director, Development and Donor Relations Donors

In the instance of philanthropic recognition, donors will be treated equitably in accordance with the Donor Relations Policy. Philanthropic recognition may be in the name of the donor or in memory/ honor of another individual, group or organization. The final decision for naming and de-naming assets rests with the Board of Trustees.

In the context of major campaigns and otherwise, the Office of Development and Donor Relations will propose a schedule of naming opportunities for pre-approval by the Board of Trustees. Naming proposals for assets other than those on the approved schedule may also be considered as needed.

Naming will only be approved where the donor has signed a pledge for the gift, requested the facility to be named, and provided the name to be recognized.

Unless otherwise negotiated with the donor and agreed by the Board of Trustees, the duration of the naming will be the useful life of the asset. In the case of an endowed award or chair, this would be in perpetuity and captured through the Statement of Trust document. In the instance of a building or other facility, this would be until a change in function, major renovation or demolition.

While the University bears responsibility for financing regular maintenance and wear and tear, major renovations may require funding from the private sector. In the event of such renovation of a donor-named facility, the Office of Development and Donor Relations will offer right of first refusal to provide the private sector funding required to the donor which/who carries the designation.

In the instance of a fundamental change in function of a facility named for a donor, the Office of Development and Donor Relations will advise the donor of the impending change.

Naming will not be approved where, in the judgment of the Board of Trustees, identification with the recognized individual or organization would constitute a significant and continuing challenge to the reputation of the University.

An asset will be de-named only by the authority of the Board of Trustees in one of only two circumstances
where events or information available subsequent to the approval of the designation mean that identification with the designation constitutes a significant and continuing challenge to the University's reputation or,
where a donor has failed to meet 100% of the pledge commitment over the agreed pledge period and where there is no satisfactory commitment to revised pledge terms.

In the latter circumstance, the donor’s gift will be removed from the University's public donor lists.


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