Media Relations Policy

Media Relations Policy

Category: Finance and Administration
Responsibility: VP, Finance and Administration
Approval: Board of Trustees
Next Review: MAY 2018



This policy defines Brock’s institutional relationship and communications with the news media and outlines processes for providing information to the news media in order to preserve and advance the University’s reputation. 


This policy applies to all Brock University departments and Faculties. It applies to all statements or news releases distributed on behalf of the University as an institution, through all authorized Brock media platforms and outlets, including print, online, digital and social media.

Policy Statement

Brock University makes a priority of maintaining a progressive relationship with the news media, reflecting the University’s proactive outreach to surrounding host communities.


Brock’s communications practices are guided by the belief that the University should be a credible, forthcoming source of information. Brock pursues a culture of openness and a commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and of timely, accurate information.

Guidelines and Procedures

1.  The Office of University Marketing and Communications (UMC) is responsible for handling news media interactions on behalf of the University as an institution. This includes responding to or coordinating responses to inquiries from journalists; issuing University news releases and official University statements; and scheduling interviews or news conferences involving University officials.

Guided by the nature of a situation, relevant senior University officials could serve as media spokespersons, otherwise the Director of Communications and Public Affairs would be designated to serve as University spokesperson to the media.

Typically, UMC staff will work with appropriate University officials to develop statements that address a situation or that project the University’s response or position.

2.  Potentially sensitive or contentious media Inquiries about Brock University should be referred to UMC. This also applies to Faculties or units that use their own staff or third-party consultants to conduct media relations.

3.  While only authorized individuals would speak publicly on behalf of Brock, the University recognizes the rights and responsibilities that flow from the exercise of academic freedom.  Faculty members contacted by journalists are free to grant an interview if they feel prepared to do so. 

Members of the Senior Administration Council (SAC) have the authority to speak with the media on topics within their area of responsibility and expertise. 

Monitoring and compliance 

UMC is responsible for updating and implementing the Media Relations Policy.

Non-compliance with the Media Relations Policy will be addressed through discussions between the Vice-President, Finance & Administration and the appropriate SAC member.


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Amendments (revision history)

Date revised: May 2015 
Responsible: Director, Communications and Public Affairs