Brand strategy

Brand strategy

To communicate Brock's exceptional characteristics, we need best practices. That's why our brand standards are so important.

Our standards help us to be consistent and clear in our messages and images, from graphic design to writing style to the signatures on our emails.

We are represented by several distinct and unique components. At the institutional level, this includes:

  • the Brock “fingerprint” brand signature
  • Sir Isaac Brock cameo for official or ceremonial purposes
  • our “Both Sides of the Brain” tagline
  • official colours (red, black and grey)

When people see or hear these components, we want them to associate them with Brock in the best possible light.

Our brand positioning is used in our integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategies and materials, and provides the basis for our website and capital campaigns. We want people to have a deep sense of who we are in their hearts and minds.

To differentiate ourselves, we've introduced striking visual imagery with our Both Sides of the Brain profiles as part of our marketing campaign. This will help to reposition us in the higher education marketplace and truly differentiate who we are.

Through ads, events marketing and web initiatives, we will emphasize distinctive, compelling attributes that are embraced by faculty, staff, students and alumni alike. And they will become our living ambassadors of the Brock brand.

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