Clipping Data in ArcMap

This procedure will outline two methods for clipping data within ArcMap: using the select feature tool and clipping files based on a pre-existing boundary. To clip more than one file at a time, use the ArcView 3.2 Batch Clip tool or follow the steps outlined in the ACMLA Bulletin 125, page 18 for clipping multiple files in ArcMap.

Using the Select Feature tool to clip

Using a pre-existing boundary to clip


Input Features (the layer to be clipped): ONrds
Clip Features (the layer to use as the clipper): CANrmn
Output Feature Class (location and filename of the newly clipped layer)


The resulting clipped roads layer is added to the map window.

To perform a batch-clip operation using ArcMap 9.1 see ACMLA Bulletin Number 125, page 18.

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