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A summary of the Map Library collection follows:

The University Map Library provides access to over 50,000 map sheets, 16,000 aerial photographs, more than 700 atlases and over 40 digital data products. The main features of the Collection are outlined below: -

This collection includes a complete set of Federal topographic maps of Canada (NTS) - detailed representation of the physical and cultural features on the earth's surface. Topographic coverage of other parts of the World, especially the United States, United Kingdom and selected European and African countries.

Numerous thematic maps (special purpose maps) for all parts of the World, including road maps, geology, soils, vegetation, hydrographic, climate, land use, political, population and historical themes with special emphasis on the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada and United States. The Historical Maps of Niagara is a recent addition from the National Map Collection.

Outline base maps of all parts of the World, in hard copy or digital form, are supplied for those who wish to construct their own maps.

Class sets of maps for use in lectures, seminars and labs are also available.

Air Photos
Coverage of the Niagara Region dating from 1921 to 2006; photo mosaics of Southern Ontario and the Welland Canals and satellite imagery of Southern Ontario. Class sets of air photos for use in labs are available. Historical air photos are digitized for preservation purposes and can be viewed on-line.

A wide variety of atlases that range in scope from global to specific urban centres. The collection also contains numerous World and foreign atlases. Special topical atlases include environmental issues, census, economic and cultural.

Geospatial Data Products
Digital products include an extensive collection of outline maps (some are available for download from our website; census data; census mapping and electronic atlases. Additional data sets include geology, topography, orthophotos, satellite imagery, soils and landuse. Most of our products focus on the Niagara region. See a complete listing of our data products at

Many resources are available to the general public for download. Visit the Internet Resources page for a listing of popular websites where data may be viewed or downloaded. Collections have been created for the Niagara Region and Peterborough Area. Download data now! Or, submit a request for resources to the Map Library.

Other Materials
Soil reports, official plans, cartographic journals, tourist guides and brochures, globes, and a reference book collection consisting of gazetteers, dictionaries, mapping techniques and cartographic interpretation.

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