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Peterborough Orthoimagery Collection

The Peterborough 2005 Orthophotos have a 20 centimetre pixel resolution and are based on colour aerial photographic images taken in the spring of 2005. The images can be used with GIS software including ArcGIS and MapInfo. They are geo-referenced (UTM, NAD83) and are often used to reference vector layers.

  Coordinate system: UTM - NAD'83, Zone 17
  Aerial photography date: spring 2005
  Ground pixel resolution: 20cm
  Source format: MrSID
  Average file size: 3 MB per image

Use Restrictions/Copyright
The data is licenced to Brock University faculty, staff and students for teaching and research purposes only. A license agreement must be signed before the files will be delivered. Viewing and printing of the digital airphotos is open to the general public. Any printouts must contain the following statement:

"Provided by Brock University Map Library, [year of access]. Copyright: City of Peterborough, 2005."

Accessing the Data
Images are accessed using an ArcGIS predefined template. On the public workstation, run ArcGIS; open the template for the year of interest found in the corresponding folder under M:\Aerial_Photography\ then add the required tiles. View index of coverage here. A tutorial is available for accessing the orthophotos. Please ask Map Library staff for assistance.

Sample Citation Format
City of Peterborough 2005 Orthophotos [computer file]. (2005). Peterborough, ON: City of Peterborough. Available: Brock University Map Library Controlled Access (Accessed Sept. 21, 2009).

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