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Landsat-7 Imagery (processed) Ontario Coverage

The Landsat-7 images consisting of eight bands of data that have been enhanced. Each strip is segmented into rectangular frames, each with a total area of approximately 183 km by 170 km. The Map Library has acquired 10 frames covering the province of Ontario. The dates range from May to November, 1999 to 2001. Metadata files are available with the data describing each available frame.

Each frame is represented by two images:
False-Colour Infrared composite images portraying green, red and near-infrared radiation (up to 0.9 µm) to appear as blue, green and red, respectively. In a false-colour image, targets with high near-infrared reflectance appear red, those with a high red reflectance appear green, and those with a high green reflectance appear blue, thus giving us a "false" presentation of the targets relative to the colour we normally perceive them to be. These 8-bit data have a spatial resolution of 30metres.

Fused True-Colour composite of the panchromatic band fused with each band (i.e., red, green, blue) to give the image a "natural colour" appearance (i.e., vegetation appears green). Spatial resolution of these data has been resampled to 15 metres.

These data are made available through the Ontario Geographic Data Exchange (OGDE) program as part of the Land Information Ontario (LIO) data warehouse.

Data Format
The satellite imagery is available in compressed MrSID format. The map projection is UTM (zones 15, 16, 17 & 18), NAD83.

Data use: Restriction/Copyright
The data is licenced to Brock University faculty, staff and students for teaching and research purposes only. A license agreement must be signed before the files will be delivered. The data is under copyright by the Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing.

Accessing the Data
The data are accessed using geographic information systems software including ArcView, ArcGIS, MapInfo Professional or IDRISI.

From the metadata files held in the Digital Data Documentation binders, see the table listing each available track and frame. The combination of these two numbers defines the image number. Note the month and year of each frame listed in the table.

Please see Map Library staff for assistance.

Obtaining a Copy of Digital Data
ORIGINAL DATA: after signing a license agreement, original data may be burned to CD or saved on a memory stick.

IMAGE OF DATA: a static graphic image may be obtained on 3/4" floppy, CD, memory stick or sent via e-mail.

HARDCOPY: data may be printed to the Map Library printer at a small cost per page. The University Library also has large format printing services. Ask staff for details.

Sample Citation Format
Landsat-7 Imagery [computer file]. (2000). Ottawa, ON: Canada Centre for Remote Sensing. Available: Brock University Map Library Controlled Access DATA PC E:\DATA\MNR\Landsat 7\1730\1730_fuse.sid (Accessed May 24, 2005).

NOTE: to determine the year of an image, refer to the table available in the metadata documentation.

Sample snapshot of the Fused True-colour composite Landsat-7 Imagery acquired over the Niagara Region on June 10, 2000.

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