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St. Catharines Bus Stops

The St.Catharines Transit Commission has provided an Excel database of bus stops in the city of St.Catharines. Each stop is described by stop number, location of stop (street/side street) and by latitude and longitude. There are 22 pages included with the Excel workbook. Using GIS or another geocoding utility, points may be generated using the latitude/longitude values.

The data is licensed to Brock University faculty, staff and students for teaching and research purposes only. Users must sign a Generic license agreement before files will be delivered.

Request Data [.xls, shp]
Local: \MapLibrary\DATA\Cities\StCatharines\Bus Stops\ [.shp, .xls]

Extent [St.Catharines]

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[City of St.Catharines Bus Stops]. (2009). St.Catharines, ON: St. Catharines Transit Commission. Available: Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library Controlled Local Access \MapLibrary\DATA\Cities\StCatharines\Bus Stops\ (Accessed date).

St.Catharines bus stops

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