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[SPOT Satellite Image over Niagara - Scene ID: 56162630707221609071J]

SPOT data are used to study agriculture, forestry and range resources to determine crop and timber coverage; to measure acreage and for precision farmland management. It can also be used for land-use and land-cover mapping; updating existing maps; categorizing land capabilities; monitoring urban growth; mapping transportation networks and planning solid waste disposal sites. The field of geology can use satellite imagery to determine major geologic features; recognize different rock types and map volcanic surface deposits. Applications in hydrology include determining water boundaries and surface areas; mapping floods; determining area of ice and snow extent; monitoring lake inventories and health conditions and mapping watersheds. The Environmental field uses these data for monitoring deforestation, volcanic flow activity, water pollution; to determine the effects of natural disasters; to assess drought impact; track oil spills and to monitor volcanic ash plumes. These high resolution imagery are also used in the field of defense, intelligence and security for threat evaluation, target detection and location, and damage assessment. These are just a few examples of how satellite imagery can be used in a number of fields of application and research.

Data Format
These data are provided in DAT and GeoTIFF format. Ortho-rectification processing & atmospheric correction processing applied. These data include Bands 1, 2, 3 & SWIR.

Use Restrictions/Copyright
The data is under copyright by the ATIC (Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre). A license agreement must be signed before data is released. Any reproduction or derivative must contain the following: “© [2007] CNES, Licensed by the Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Center,”.

Accessing the Data
The data is accessed using image processing and analysis software such as ENVI or GIS software such as IDRISI or ArcGIS.

Sample Citation Format
[SPOT satellite image over Niagara, July 22, 2007] [electronic resource]. (2007). Lethbridge, AB: Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre. Available: Brock University Map Library Controlled Access G (Accessed current date).

Sample screen capture

Sample SPOT satellite image

Sample zoom view of SPOT satellite data

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