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Soils of Southern Ontario

Soils of Southern Ontario is a digital data set that contains information about soil patterns of Southern Ontario based on 1:50,000 scale; acquired from Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, 1990. This data set includes information such as soil polygon areas, perimeter measurements, slope, drainage and soil type. The data is potentially useful for studies that require a general overview of soil types in the region (e.g. environmental impact assessments; erosion studies; agricultural capability studies and engineering studies). View the counties covered by the Soils of Southern Ontario data set.

Data Format
The Soils of Southern Ontario data is available in ArcGIS coverage format. Selected counties are also available in shapefile format.

Data use: Restrictions/Copyright
The data is licenced to Brock University faculty, staff and students for teaching and research purposes only. A license agreement must be signed before the files will be delivered. The data is under copyright by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

Accessing the Data
The data is accessed using GIS (geographic information systems) software including ArcGIS. See Map Library staff for assistance.

Reports and mapping are available for download or viewing through the Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada site.

Obtaining a Copy of Digital Data
ORIGINAL DATA: after signing a license agreement, original data may be burned to CD, saved to 3/4" floppy or memory stick.

IMAGE OF DATA: a static image may be obtained on 3/4" floppy, CD, memory stick or sent via e-mail.

HARDCOPY: data may be printed to the Map Library printer at a small cost per page. The University Library also has large format printing services. Ask staff for details.

Sample Citation Format (Hamilton Wentworth county)
Soils of Southern Ontario [computer file]. (1990). Guelph, Ontario: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Available: Brock University Map Library Controlled Access DATA PC E:\DATA\OMAFRA\HWENT\HWENT\HWENTS (Accessed May 18, 2005).

Example of the GIS data: Hamilton Wentworth county

Generalized Soil Map of Niagara


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