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ESRI Data & Maps

A collection of map data for different regions of the World, North America, United States and Europe. Each level of geography includes scaled base map themes such as: populated places, transportation networks (roads, streets, highways, railways, airports, routing utilities, address locators), water features (hydrology, rivers, lakes, waterbodies), political boundaries, recreational areas, etc. Each subset of data includes a map document by which the collections may be explored. While each geography includes base layers, specialized data is unique to each one.

Data is licensed to Brock University faculty, staff and students for teaching and research purposes only. Users must sign a Generic license agreement before data will be delivered.

Request Data [.sdc, .lyr, .gdb, .mxd]

Local \MapLibrary\DATA\Canada\ESRI\DATA&MAPS_2013\ [Smart Data Compression (SDC) or File Geodatabase (FGDB)] "ESRI Data & Maps" Group [staff access]
search for layers (note the name of a layer) then, using ArcMap, select Add Data > Add data from ArcGIS online (transfers entire package to local My Documents).

Address Locators (for geocoding)
Local \MapLibrary\DATA\ESRI\DATA&MAPS_2013\streetmap_na\data\
Student Access P:\Geocoding_Locators\

Related Information
Local \MapLibrary\DATA\Canada\ESRI\DATA&MAPS_2013\help.htm [additional details, licensing]

MDG Description of Map Documents

To access the data:
Run ArcGIS then open a map document to explore.
Zoom to area of interest (details increase as you zoom in).
Layers are organized in groups by scale or theme.

To export a subset from SDC format:
Make the desired VISIBLE layer the only selectable layer (R-click the layer > Selection > Make only selectable layer).
Use selection tool to marquee select the features then R-click the layer and select > Data > export data.
Save to location & format (.shp, .gdb) of your choice.

ESRI Data & Maps 2013 [electronic file]. (2013). Redlands, CA: Environmental Systems Research Institute. Available: Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library Controlled Local Access \MapLibrary\Data\Canada\ESRI\DATA&MAPS_2013\ (Accessed date).

ESRI Data & Maps, Streetmap North America

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