Lung Cancer Risk Calculators

Lung Cancer Risk Calculators

This site is made available for public non-profit use, that is, by individuals, universities, research institutes and hospitals and medical practices which are non-for-profit. The site makes possible downloads of one spreadsheet calculator which produces 6-year lung cancer risk (probability) estimates according to the Tammemagi 2012 (PLCOM2012) Lung Cancer Risk Prediction Model, the details of which were published in:

Tammemagi MC, Katki HA, Hocking WG, Church TR, Caporaso N, Kvale PA, Chaturvedi AK, Silvestri GA, Riley TL, Commins J, Berg CD. Selection Criteria for Lung-Cancer Screening. New England Journal of Medicine. 2013;368(8):728-36.

Also, this site makes possible the downloading of two separate spreadsheet calculators which are based on a full (extended) model and a parsimonious model both of which predict the probability that a nodule detected on computed tomography (CT) screen is malignant. Details of these models are published in:

McWilliams A, Tammemagi M, Mayo J, Roberts H, Liu G, Soghrati K, Yasufuku K, Martel S, Laberge F, Gingras M, Atkar-Khattra S, Berg CD, Evans KG, Finley R, Yee J, English JC, Nasute P, Goffin J, Puksa S, Stewart L, Tsai S, Johnston MR, Manos D, Nicholoas G, Goss GD, Seely JM, Amjadi K, Tremblay A, Burrowes P, MacEachern P, Bhatia R, Tsao M-S, Lam S. Probability of cancer in pulmonary nodules detected on first screening computed tomography. New England Journal of Medicine. 2013;369;10:910-9.

Before downloading one or more spreadsheet calculators, please complete the following form. This information will allow us to track use of the models and enable us to contact you and provide you with information on updates, corrections or alternative models. Please also indicate in the boxes provided which calculators you are downloading.

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