Participants from Brock

Jack and Nora Walker Canadian Centre for Lifespan Development Research

Participants from Brock

The following studies are currently recruiting participants from Brock.


Brock Lab of Intergroup Processes

You are invited to take part in a research project which will involve you reading information about a social issue, which will be followed by surveys about your attitudes, opinions and feelings. The study will be completed in a computer lab on campus (MCB224A) in private booths. Given the similarity between the studies, you can only participate in this study if you have NOT already signed up for "Opinions about Social Issues (REB HODSON 13-031)". Participation will require no more than 30 min of your time, and you will receive 1/2 hour of course   participation. No monetary compensation is being offered for this study. Please contact Mark Hoffarth ( if you have any questions.

Participants must meet the following criteria:
Any adult can participate

Contact Information:
Email Mark Hoffarth


Brock University Sleep Research Laboratory

Effects of Sleep Loss on Attention and Emotion

The Brock University Sleep Research Laboratory is looking for individuals to participate in a research study investigating the effects of sleep loss on attention and emotion.
Your participation would involve:
- A 5-minute phone interview and 30-minutes to complete online questionnaires
- Wearing an Activity Monitor and completing a sleep/wake diary from home for one week
- 1-hour orientation session in the Sleep Lab (to tour the facilities, complete questionnaires, and practice study performance tests)
- MAIN STUDY: 1/2 day in the Sleep Lab from 1-6pm; you may or may not be restricted to 4 hours of sleep on the prior night. You will perform 3-hour battery of tests to measure alertness, attention, and emotion, and be asked to provide saliva samples to measure hormones.

Participants must meet the following criteria:
- 17-30
- Non-smoker
- Right handed
- English first language or learned before age 8
- Women must have a regular and naturally cycling menstrual cycle (i.e., not using any hormonal contraceptive   techniques such as birth control pills, patches, or injections)
- No sleep difficulties
- Regular sleep between 11-7am
- Taking no medications
- No history of head injury, neurological condition, psychiatric condition (i.e., depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, chronic pain, or heart disease)

Contact information:
Phone Number: (905)688-5550 ext. 3795
Open House: Tuesday's 10-12pm at MCB416
Corrie Aldhelm-White (Research Assistant):


Brock University Sleep Research Laboratory

The Effect of Sleep on Memory

The Brock University Sleep Research Laboratory is looking for individuals to sleep in the laboratory and participate in a study investigating the relationship between sleep and memory. The study includes short questionnaires to determine if you are eligible, a sleep screening night in the sleep lab, and two experimental nights in the lab during which participants will complete a memory task and sleep from 11PM - 7AM. Completion of the full study results in an honorarium of either $75 or $50 + 3 hours credit on SONA.

Participants must meet the following criteria:
- age 17-30
- no sleep difficulties
- regular sleep pattern (~11PM-8AM)
- non-smoker
- no history of head injury, chronic pain, or heart disease
- normal or corrected hearing and vision
- English as first language (or learned before age 8)

Contact information:
Call 905-688-5550 ext. 3795
e-mail Kevin MacDonald at

Consumer Perception and Cognition Laboratory

Our current research focuses on:
- Understanding the psychological factors that affect consumer behaviour
- Specifying how brief exposures to brands and brand related cues indirectly influence consumer preferences and consumer choice
- Determining how problem-solving indirectly influences consumer preferences
- Understanding how extraneous factors to consumption influence consumer preferences

Participants must meet the following criteria:
- male
- over the age of 19

Contact Information:

Speech Perception Lab

The purpose of the research is to determine if emotion words mean different things to different people. Participants will be asked to rate and categorize emotion words. Participation is expected to take approximately 1 hour and participants will be compensated $10.

Participants must meet the following criteria:
Looking for males and females who speak English as their primary language. They need to have no hearing deficits and no uncorrected vision deficits. If participants are from the community, they need to be 18 years of age or older.

Contact Information:

Volk Developmental Science Lab

The study is regarding high school and university peer relationships.

Participants must meet the following criteria:
we are looking for first year university students, any sex, under the age of 24.

Contact Information:
Email Holly Brown at


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