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Colleen Beard 


Title: Head, Map, Data & GIS Library
B.Sc., Physical Geography, Brock University
MLS, University of Toronto
Subject Responsibilities: Maps, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geospatial Data

What I do
  • Manage the Map and Geospatial Data Collection
  • Provide instruction for students, staff, and faculty in maps, GIS, and geospatial data use
  • Develop the Map and geospatial data collections: map, air photo, atlas, geospatial data resources
  • Provide support in using geospatial data and GIS in the research process

Coordinator, ACMLA Mentoring Program
Associate Member, BESRC (Brock Environmental Sustainability Research Centre)
BUFA Hiring Advice Committee

Beard, Colleen, Daniel Macfarlane, and Jim Clifford. "Mapping the Welland Canals and the St. Lawrence Seaway with Google Earth", Historical GIS Research in Canada. Ed. Jennifer Bonnell and Marcel Fortin. Calgary: University Press, 2014. 27-42.
Beard, Colleen. “Using Google Earth Technologies to Enhance Digital Map Collections: Visualizing the Historic Welland Canals”, Bulletin [Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives], 140 (Winter 2012):32-38.

Beard, Colleen, and Janzen, Sharon. “Niagara Zoomified: Using Zoomify Software to Create Quality Web Images”, Bulletin [Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives], 129 (Spring/Summer 2007):6-10.
Beard, Colleen. “Reference Service Levels for Spatial Data Delivery and GIS Activity in Libraries: a local assessment”, Bulletin [Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives], 118 (Fall 2003):4-8.
Beard, Colleen. “The Three Old Lock One’s”, Dalhousie Peer, 4:10 (October 2000):6-8. Also published in the Bulletin [Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives], 110 (Winter 2001):3-6
Beard, Colleen. “The Future of Digital Data in Map Collections: One Perspective”, Cartographic Perspectives 21 (Spring 1995):18-21.
Beard, Colleen. “Exploring the Internet for Digital Map Data”, Bulletin [Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives], 86 (March 1993):2-11.
Beard, Colleen. “MAC Mapping in the Map Library”, Bulletin [Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives], 76 (September 1990):1-9 (recipient of the 1991 ACMLA Paper Award)

Selected Conference Presentations
Open [your] Data: good things happen when you share! Canadian Historical GIS conference-workshop, Montreal, January 2014.
Mapping your world: GIS, [please] Open Data and Beyond, ARMA (Association of Records Management Administraton) Souther Ontario Chapter, October, 2013.

War of 1812 in Maps. ACMLA CARTO 2012 Conference, Toronto, June 2012.

From Canal Days to Chicken Chuckin': documenting history using Google Earth. 
ACMLA CARTO 2011 Conference, Quebec City, June 2011.
Invited panel guest at GeoTec 2006/ACMLA/CCA Conference, Ottawa, June, 2006, Future of Topographic Maps – ACMLA Perspective.
How much is too much: offering GIS and Data Services to the Untrained User, panel speaker at the joint conference of ACMLA/CAPDU, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, 2004.
Reference Service Levels for Spatial Data Delivery and GIS Activity. Session coordinator and presenter, Joint ACMLA/CCA/CAG Conference, University of Victoria, June 2003.
GIS and Digital Map Reference for Non-Map Librarians: How it all works!. Ontario Library Association SuperConference, Toronto, January, 2003.

Areas of Interest/Research
Applying emerging technologies to enhance collections
Historic Welland Canals
GIS and geospatial data services in Map Libraries

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