Code of Conduct

James A. Gibson Library

Code of Conduct


The James A. Gibson Library is responsible for securing the Library's scholarly resources and safeguarding its collections and equipment against theft and abuse. The Library also aims to provide an environment for research, study, instruction and reading for its authorized users.


In order to satisfy these goals, the Library has established the following Code of Conduct which addresses the use and protection of the Libraries’ collections, buildings, equipment, and environment, as well as library staff security and formal disciplinary procedures. 


Violations against persons are also noted in this document.

This Code has been developed to augment, and is consistent with, the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures in Non-Academic Matters, as published in the Brock University Calendar and available through the Student Development Centre.

The following behaviours are in conflict with the mission of the James A. Gibson Library and are cause for action by the library staff or a representative of the library staff:

Use and Protection of the Collections

  • Removing, or attempting to remove, library materials, equipment or property without checkout or other official library authorization.
  • Stealing or knowingly possessing stolen library property.
  • Defacing, mutilating, or otherwise damaging library property.
  • Concealing, or reserving without library authorization, material in the Library for the exclusive use of an individual or group.
  • Failing either to return or renew materials when due, or failing to clear delinquent accounts by payment of fees.
  • Not allowing search of possessions when the security alarm has been activated upon exit.
  • Use of the building and library equipment not intended for use by the public. 
  • Being in non-public areas without authorization, or in library facilities during closed hours, or during emergency drills or evacuations.
  • Opening emergency exits, except in emergency situations, or blocking emergency exits or aisles.
  • Vandalizing or defacing library buildings, furniture or equipment, or engaging in behaviour that could do so.
  • Unauthorized use of the library computers as specified in Section 9 of the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Refusing to show Brock or other identification upon request of library staff.

The Library Environment

  • Consumption of hot or odorous food, and open drinks, including alcoholic beverages.
  • Smoking or using illegal drugs while in the Library.
  • Interfering with the use of the Library by other persons or with library employees in the performance of their duties, including not abiding by acceptable behaviour in the various study zones.
  • Bringing animals other than guide/assistance dogs inside the Library.
  • Exhibiting any threatening or intimidating behaviour, e.g., abusive language, threats of violence or harassment.


Library Staff Procedures

In order to satisfy the Library's mission to secure its resources and provide a safe working/study environment for staff and library users, library staff are authorized to:

  • Check all possessions of persons as they leave the Library.
  • Request to see the identification of any person in the Library.
  • Question any person if it appears that library regulations are being violated.
  • Request any person in conflict with library regulations to leave the Library.
  • Contact Brock University Campus Security Services and request that any person having been identified as violating library regulations wait until Campus Security Services personnel arrives.


Violations Against Persons

Violations against persons including Brock University library staff and library users, as well as authorized sanctions against violators are described in the Code of Student Conduct published in the Brock University Calendar under the section heading "Code of Conduct".


Formal Disciplinary Procedures

All the offences described above are considered sufficiently serious to warrant immediate and firm disciplinary action, and action will be taken depending on the nature of the offence. Typically, any person not abiding by these and other rules and regulations shall be warned. If the person persists in violating library rules and regulations, library staff may request the intervention of Campus Security Services to escort that person from the premises. Also, the person may be told not to return pending a formal hearing with the appropriate body, such as the University Student Discipline Committee.

The Library may impose a sanction (including warning, fine, community service, restitution for damages, and temporary exclusion from the Library). Repeat offences and more serious offences will be referred for follow-up disciplinary measures to Campus Security Services and/or the University Discipline Officer, with possible sanctions as noted in the University Code of Conduct.

In addition, serious offences may also be referred by Campus Security Services and the Associate Vice-President (Student Services) to Niagara Regional Police to be prosecuted through the criminal courts. 

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