Drop-in Learning Centre

Drop-in Learning Centre

Students are invited to take advantage of the Drop-in Learning Centre—a drop-in service, located in the Hildebrand Learning Centre of the Learning Commons (ST 231), operated on a "first come, first served" basis, by A-Z Learning  Services. A-Z Learning Services staff work collaboratively with students, helping them develop their potential and confidence as university students in areas such as essay writing, problem solving, or general study skills (e.g., time management or exam preparation).

In the Drop-In Centre, our A-Z Learning Services staff will review essays and assignments with students to help students develop their ability to identify problem areas and show ways to integrate research, organize ideas, correct sentence and grammar errors or edit effectively.

Similarly, A-Z Learning staff will review science and math assignments with students to help students develop effective problem-solving techniques.

As A-Z Learning Services focuses on the learning process, staff will not edit essays or solve problems for students or review assignments the day they are due. As well, to ensure we can assist all students we will spend up to 20 minutes with a student once a day. If students require additional assistance they are welcome to return after 24 hrs.

Writing & Study Skills - Need to know

Science & Math - Need to know

Fall 2015 Hours

9 AM


Writing  Science Writing/French  Science 
10 AM
 Writing/Math Writing  Science  Writing/French  Science 
11 AM
Science Writing Science Science Science 
12 PM
Science Writing Science Science Science 
1 PM
Science Science Science Science  Science 
2 PM
Science Science  Science Science  Science 
3 PM
Science  Science  Science  Science  Science 
4 PM
Science  Science  Writing  Science 
5 PM
Science  Science  Writing  Science 
6 PM
Science  Science     Writing    Science 

This project was made possible by a grant from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities