Exhibit Policy

Exhibit Policy


This policy pertains to Brock University departments, committees or organizations who may wish to use the exhibit/display space in the Matheson Learning Commons.

Exhibits should support the learning, teaching and research activities of Brock University. We welcome educational, artistic and cultural displays that are related to the curriculum, research or campus life and that celebrate the achievements of students and faculty.

All proposals should be submitted on the Exhibit Request form for consideration.

The display cases are fully booked for 2015. Please check for availability on the 2016 Calendar.

We retain the right of refusal and are not obligated to accept every exhibit offered for display. If accepted, we retain the right to approve publicity of the exhibit.

Questions may be forwarded to Evelyn Smith at esmith@brocku.ca

General guidelines
•    Display facilities may not be used to promote or advertise, whether directly or indirectly, a commercial product or service; urge support or opposition to any political candidate or issue; or urge support of or opposition to any religion or religious belief.
•    Material that is obscene, defamatory, invades a particular person’s privacy or directly incites violence will not be posted or displayed.
•    Prices may not be affixed to any material on display.
•    Exhibits will be displayed for a two-week period, renewable for an additional two-week period. No sponsor/provider/creator may set up a display more than 3 times a year, and displays must be at least 3 months apart.
•    Reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of exhibits will be taken. However, we assume no liability for loss or damage to works displayed.

•    Exhibitors will pay any special costs incurred in setting up and dismantling the exhibit.
•    The use of the Learning Commons for events, lectures, receptions, etc. held in conjunction with an exhibit  requires additional approval by Library administration.
•    Exhibitors must check their displays regularly to ensure that the display remains clean and tidy.
•    Exhibitors will be held responsible for damage caused to the display space.

Exhibit Spaces
•    Display space includes limited open space, 2 display cases inside the Learning Commons and 2 display cases outside the south entrance, along the Thistle corridor. Other spaces may be considered on an exception basis.
•    Any exhibit that impedes or restricts existing fire exits and traffic flow will not be permitted.
•    Signage accompanying an exhibit should be of professional quality.
•    Exhibits should include a title and a brief statement of intent or purpose.
•    Identification of the sponsor/provider/creator and contact information should be displayed.
•    Ownership of items on display should be clearly identified.

Set up and Supplies
•    Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own supplies, and for setting up the exhibit, including preparation and clean up. Set up must occur at the agreed upon date and time, and should be done between 9:00am and 4:30pm on weekdays.
•   A grace period of two days (after the original setup date) will be given for installation to take place. After this two day delay, the reservation may be released for booking by another exhibitor.
•   If the exhibit is left unfinished for any length of time, an “installation in progress” sign must be left.
•    The group or individual setting up and dismantling the display will be held responsible for damage caused to the display space/s and other items used to support the display.
•    Exhibits may not be affixed to walls. If any damage occurs, repairs at the end of the display period will be paid by the exhibitor.

Take down
•    Exhibitors are responsible for the dismantling of displays, including clean up, at the agreed upon date and time.
•    Exhibits that are not removed on time will be removed by staff and returned to the sponsor/provider/creator. We will not be responsible for any damage occurred during dismantling.