For Faculty

For Faculty

The Matheson Learning Commons is designed to benefit all members of the Brock community, including faculty members. The Learning Commons is a venue for faculty workshops on topics ranging from cited reference searching to teaching development. The Learning Commons also features exhibit space to highlight faculty publications and achievements.

From the perspective of teaching, faculty members can refer their students to the Learning Commons for integrated assistance with research, study skills, and essay writing. The space also encourages collaborative, social learning, providing an opportunity for faculty to build independent learning activities into the curriculum.

Read more about the theory behind the Learning Commons:

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In May 2008, Michael Ridley, CIO and Chief Librarian at the University of Guelph, and Dr. Nancy Schmidt, Co-director of the Learning Commons at Guelph, gave the presentation Using the Learning Commons as a Platform for Transforming Teaching & Learning at CPI’s Best Practices Day.