Program design

Program design

The Series consists of four separate practica:

Bronze - Foundations In Interpersonal Communications,
Silver - Foundations In Problem Solving and Conflict Management,
Gold - Foundations In Group Work, and
Platinum - Foundations In Leadership Style.

Each practicum focuses on developing the participants' skills, attitudes and ability to apply theory, in a prescribed area of leadership, while at the same time enhancing their self-awareness and self-knowledge.

The practica must be taken in sequential order because the skills introduced earlier in the series are re-introduced, applied and practised at every subsequent level. In the normal course of events a student would likely take one practicum a term. They have the freedom to stop at whatever level they wish or curtail their involvement for a time and return to enter the level above the one they have completed.

Each of the six, weekly, two-hour sessions in a practicum follows a workshop format and emphasizes activities that facilitate learning and skills development through doing. Experiential learning like this is best done in small groups and for this reason practicum size are held at a maximum of 20 participants. At times during a session participants will work independently, in pairs and in small groups. One of the process goals for each practicum is the development of a safe and supportive group climate, where individuals are willing to risk being wrong and share honest feedback. For this reason students are not allowed to make up a missed session by joining another group.


What is required from you?

Time Committment
Each practicum level involves six weeks of group training sessions, two hours per week, and up to one hour of tasks between sessions (totaling approx. 15 to 16 hours). Note: Occasionally Fast-track courses are offered, condensing two to three sessions into one day.

You will need to bring your willingness to give and receive constructive feedback, the courage to risk being wrong and grow from your mistakes, and an openness to self-scrutiny and change.

Attendance Policy
Students who miss more than one 2-hour session of each level will not be permitted to pass, as they will not be properly prepared to pass the final quiz.

Participants at all levels must demonstrate that they have a basic grasp of the levels content. Students who successfully pass the final quiz will be able to advance on to the next level.

Confirmed Registration
Your registration for each level will be confirmed upon payment of $45. Upon submitting your availability into either our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum waiting pools, please stay tuned for an email from our Leadership Programs administrator with instructions on how to pay.