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Mme Moore's French Kindergarten

Bienvenue au jardin d'enfants!

Welcome to French Immersion Senior Kindergarten!


I’m looking forward to a great year with everyone.  You are invited to take a look at this website on a regular basis to keep up with what is happening in class.  I will be posting our class newsletters, calendar, information about classroom activities, important information that you should know, and links to resources and activities.  

If you need to contact me, you can send a note in your child's mailbag, and I can also be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (905) 387-0062 ext. 111.

Mme Moore

Parent Observations

Parent Observation Day is coming up fast! Each year the Kindergarten programme invites parents into the classroom to observe their child interact with the teacher and their classmates in the school environment. This meeting provides an excellent opportunity for you to see how your child relates to others and to observe their interaction and behaviour during the various activities we do. The Parent Observation Visit and Conference is the first report of student progress in Senior Kindergarten. Please watch for information about this day in mail bags, and make sure to book

Halloween and the start of November

The last few weeks have been very busy and very exciting for students.  Before Halloween, we continued to work on our sounds (L for the week of October 24-28), our colours (the focus was on orange), and our Halloween vocabulary and songs. We also had our trip to Dyment’s farm, which was excellent.  The students had a great time (and I did too)!  Since Halloween, we have discussed our trip to Dyment’s, learned some new words for November, and worked on the sound K (both C & K). We have also been singing our Popcorn words song daily.

Week 6 (October 10th - 14th)

Another week has gone time is flying!  We are continuing to review numbers/counting and letters/sounds.  The sound of the week was "i"  (as usual, the song and vocabulary poem are posted in the Songs and Poems section, or you can click the link here).  This week we also started Reading Buddies with the grade 3 French Immersion students in Mlle Newman's class.  The session lasts about 25-30 minutes, and each student in my class is partnered up with a student from the grade 3 class.  The

√Čtoile du jour (VIP program)

The Étoile du jour (VIP)  program has started.  Each student will get their day to be the

Week 5 is over and Happy Thanksgiving!

The 5th week of school (October 3-7) had the students working on the letter/sound M (again, the song and poem/vocabulary list are posted in Songs and Poems, here is the link).  We also talked about Thanksgiving and how to say "Thank you" in French (merci), and learned the French words for a few things we are thankful for (this poem is also posted in the Songs and Poems section, here is the link).  In your child's homework/phonics duotang (red for the

Useful websites

If you are not sure how to pronounce something in French, this site is great.  You type in the text, select the Language, and can even select the voice (several versions of male and female, and both Canadian and European French), then click "Say It" and you can hear the word or expression.  Here is the site:

Links to group bookmarks

I apologize if you have been unable to see the group bookmarks for the sections on Newsletters & Calendars, Songs & Poems, and the Kindergarten Curriculum.  Here they are:

Newsletters & Calendars

Songs & Poems

Kindergarten Curriculum


October Newsletter and Calendars posted

If you did not get a paper copy of the October newsletter or calendars (or if you misplace them at some point), the files have been posted in the Newsletters and Calendars section.

Weeks 3 & 4

Two more weeks flew by…September is over and October is just about here! Last week, week 3, students learned the letter and sound A.  They associate this letter/sound with the word airplane (avion) and they learned a song and action to go with it.  Most students were here to do an airplane craft last Friday.  This week, the sound/letter was T and the word/song to go with it is tennis. Both week’s words and songs are in students’ phonics and vocabulary duotang, and also posted in the Poems and Songs section of this webpage.

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher is on Tuesday, September 20th from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. You are welcome to come in and have a look at the classroom, and introduce yourself to me.  As there will be many parents wishing to talk with me that night, our conversation will probably be brief.  If you would like to talk to me more in depth about your child, you may set up a time via phone call or e-mail, or you can sign-up at Meet the Teacher, as I will have a sheet out as well.

Week 2

Wow, the second week is over already! This week we worked on Comment ça va? and we started working on letter sounds. The letter/sound this week was S, and students associate this sound with a snake (serpent) and learned a song and an action to go with it. The 6 S words and the song we learned are posted in the Poems and Songs section. Students will be doing one sound every week, following this same format. This week we also did some activities on the colour “rouge”.

September Newsletter

In case you did not see the paper copy sent home, the September Newsletter has been posted on the website.  You can find it in the section for newsletters and calendars (upper right corner of this group's main page).

The First Week of School

I hope your child has enjoyed his/her first week of French Immersion Kindergarten. The main focus of the first few weeks will be on learning routines. So far, the students have learned a few simple expressions in French: Bonjour! Au revoir!