Working in Canada and CIC Permanent Resident Programs

Working in Canada and CIC Permanent Resident Programs

Work Opportunities for International Students - No Work Permit Required

On-Campus Working - A full-time student with a valid Study Permit can work on campus without a Work Permit. There is no hour limit for working on campus. You need to maintain full-time study.

To look for on campus jobs:

Volunteer Work - Check immigration Canada website on how "Volunteer activities" are defined. Some volunteer positions require a Work Permit even if there is no pay.

Work Opportunities for International Students - Work Permit Required

  • Off-Campus Work Permit: Students must meet the eligibility requirements that include to:
    - Be currently registered as a full-time student (except final term).
    - Have been a full-time student for at least six out of the last 12 months.
    - Have maintained satisfactory academic standing.
    - Not be an exchange student.
    - Not be a student in the IELP or ESL Program.
    - Not be recipients of certain specified scholarships.
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  • Co-op or Internship Program: The co-op/internship work permit is fee-exempt. You cannot start your work term until you have been issued the appropriate Work Permit. Your application must include a letter (issued by Co-op or Internship office) that clearly indicates the work is a mandatory component of the academic program which all participants are expected to complete in order to receive their degree. The Co-op Work Permit is only valid for work with the company where you have been assigned to do your work term. It is not valid for any other off-campus work. NOTE: There is no restriction on holding more than one Work Permit.
    Co-op/internship work permit application can be completed online.
  • Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP): If you have recently completed your degree requirements you may apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.
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  • Spouses of Students - If you have a valid Study Permit, your spouse does not require HRSDC Confirmation when applying for an open Work Permit. It can be done online through CIC online application.

CIC online application instructions

How much does the Work Permit application cost?

The fee for the Work Permit is $150. (No fee for Co-op Work Permit)

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