Working in Canada and CIC Permanent Resident Programs

Working in Canada and CIC Permanent Resident Programs

Work Opportunities for International Students - No Work Permit Required

On-Campus Working - A full-time student with a valid Study Permit can work on campus without a Work Permit. There is no hour limit for working on campus. You need to maintain full-time study.

Off-Campus Working

To look for on campus jobs:

Volunteer Work - Check immigration Canada website on how "Volunteer activities" are defined. Some volunteer positions require a Work Permit even if there is no pay.

Work Opportunities for International Students - Work Permit Required

  • Co-op or Internship Program: The co-op/internship work permit is fee-exempt. You cannot start your work term until you have been issued the appropriate Work Permit. Your application must include a letter (issued by Co-op or Internship office) that clearly indicates the work is a mandatory component of the academic program which all participants are expected to complete in order to receive their degree. The Co-op Work Permit is only valid for work with the company where you have been assigned to do your work term. It is not valid for any other off-campus work. NOTE: There is no restriction on holding more than one Work Permit.
    Co-op/internship work permit application can be completed online.
  • Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP): If you have recently completed your degree requirements you may apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.
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  • Spouses of Students - If you have a valid Study Permit, your spouse does not require HRSDC Confirmation when applying for an open Work Permit. It can be done online through CIC online application.

Ontario Ministry of Labour - Minimum Wage information

Guide for CIC online application (pdf)

How much does the Work Permit application cost?

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