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Visas & Permits

The Government of Canada has recently passed a law which prohibits anyone who is not licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council from providing advice or information on visas. Anyone convicted of doing so could be sent to prison. For this reason, the International Services & Programs Abroad Office is able only to refer you to the following websites administered by the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration:

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)Application

Apply online for a visa, study or work permit

Study Permit sample

Study Permit sample - new version 2013

All student work permit such as Post Graduation Work Permit, Off-Campus Work Permit and Coop Work Permit  Application:

For working on campus, you need to be registered as full time student and holding a valid Study Permit. No work permit needed. No working hour restriction.

To look for on campus jobs:

For Off Campus Work Permit application, students need to complete the Eligibility Verification Number (EVN) request form (Brock) and submit to the Registrar's Office (Undergraduate students) or Faculty of Graduate Studies (Graduate students). Also submit EVN request online follow instruction from CIC website above.

For Post Graduation Work Permit, You must have a letter to confirm you have completed all requirements for your degree:

Then follow instruction from CIC website above to complete your application. You need to apply within 90 days from the completion date of your program indicated in the above letter, not from your convocation date.

Co-op work permit, The co-op/internship work permit is fee-exempt. You cannot start your work term until you have been issued the appropriate Work Permit. Your application must include a letter (issued by Co-op or Internship office) that clearly indicates the work is a mandatory component of the academic program which all participants are expected to complete in order to receive their degree. The Co-op Work Permit is only valid for work with the company where you have been assigned to do your work term. It is not valid for any other off-campus work. NOTE: There is no restriction on holding more than one Work Permit.
Co-op/internship work permit application can be done online.

Renew study permit, you will need a letter from Brock University to confirm your current registration and the date on which you will complete your studies.

Undergraduate students can download the request form at: 
Please select the Visa Extension on the request form or go to the Registrar’s office: Schmon Tower 301

Graduate students can download the request form at:
Please select Confirmation of Enrolment Letter on the form or go to the Faculty of Graduate Studies office: Mackenzie Chown Complex D250.

Then follow instruction from CIC website above to complete your application.

Inviting relatives or friends to visit Canada

If your family or friends wish to visit you in Canada for your Convocation or just for a vacation, they need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) at their closest Canadian Consulate. For a list of countries whose citizens require a TRV to enter Canada, please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website at:

Overseas Canadian consulates

Check Immigration Canada website on how to write invitation letter:

Need more help, check Immigration Canada help centre: