Short-term accommodation (before classes begin)

If you arrive before the residences are open, or before the move-in date decided with your landlord, there are a variety of places for short-term accommodation in St. Catharines. Some of them are listed here. For more information, follow this link:


On-Campus Accommodation

Information about living on campus in one of Brock’s residences is available on the Department of Residences’ website at

You may choose either a double room with a roommate or a single room in one of the residences. Residences with no cooking areas require a mandatory meal plan. For more information please see:

Frequently Asked Questions


Off-Campus Accommodation

Information about living off-campus is avalable at the Off Campus Registry at

If you follow this link, you will see options of choosing between apartments or houses. If you desire to live in a separate apartment, it may cost you approximately $700 per month. On the other hand, if you choose to live in a house with a few other students, the price of one room will approximately be $350 - $480 per month.

When choosing to rent an apartment or house, you need to consider what is included in the cost. If you are an international student, you may prefer your accommodations to be furnished (bed, desk and chair). You will want to ask if the cost per month includes utilities (heating and electricity), laundry facilities, cable, internet or phone as these may be additional costs.

The Off Campus Living & Neighbourhood Relations office also provides assistance to students with issues regarding landlords or lease agreements. This assistance is for all Brock students, not only for students who have found housing through their office. Please contact them directly for assistance.

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Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (for help on tenant's rights)

Community Legal Clinics for Tenants

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