Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Check related information on CIC website for new procedure on applying SIN for working off-campus:

If you are holding a Study Permit issued after June 1, 2014 (with a remark says that you may work off-campus), you could go to Service Canada office to apply SIN directly. See Service Canada St Catharines office's address below.

If you are holding a Study Permit issued before June 1, 2014, you will need to request the "Confirmation to work off campus" from CIC.

Confirm your enrolment status

To request this "Confirmation to work off-campus" from CIC, you will need a letter from Brock to confirm your enrolment status. 

Undergraduate students can download the request form at:
Please select the Visa Extension on the request form or go to the Registrar’s office: Schmon Tower 301

If you are taking part-time course load because this is your final term, attach an explanation letter together with the Visa Extension letter to indicate the situation.

Graduate students can download the request form at: 
Please select Verification of Status Form on the form or go to the Faculty of Graduate Studies office: Mackenzie Chown Complex D250

Once you receive the "Confirmation to work off campus" from CIC, go to Service Canada office (see address below) to apply SIN.

Applying SIN for working on-campus: 

Below, you will find the criteria to be used to obtain a SIN if a student wishes to work on campus:

Confirmation of Employment on Campus:
• Must be original.
• Must use the college or university letterhead.
• Must indicate that the work is located on campus.
• Must include the employer's name and telephone number.
• Must be signed by the university or college official.
• Must include the student's name.

Proof of full-time post-secondary enrolment (see above Confirm your enrolment status section):
• May be original or in an electronic format.
• Must use the university or college letterhead.
• Must include the student’s name.

Then go to Service Canada office to request SIN.

You will receive the SIN the same time you visit Service Canada office. 

Service Canada office in St. Catharines:

Service Canada
Henley Square
395 Ontario Street
St. Catharines, ON, L2N 7N6
Telephone: 1 800 206 7218 option 3
Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

More information on Service Canada website:

Information for employers on SIN begins with "9"