Brock Abroad: Namibia

Brock Abroad: Namibia

May 2016 program

International Services provides members of the Brock community with the opportunity to learn more about Southern Africa. For 3 weeks in May following the year-end final exams,this program allows for students to learn outside the traditional elements of education (lectures, labs, and seminars).

Participants will have the opportunity to volunteer with children, other university students and adults. This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about Namibia by working with Namibians. Working alongside local partners offers participants the opportunity to not only learn about the country but about themselves and their place in the world. The program also provides students with social events and travel opportunities to experience the varied culture within Namibia. Students are encouraged to explore key social issues: poverty, education, and community development, and are expected to participate in seminars at Brock during the months prior to departing.

The BA: Namibia program is well-established at Brock and in May 2015, it celebrated its ninth year. During this time, over 170 Brock participants have found it to be a life changing experience.  Also, if you are a member of International Plus, you can use this experience toward completing your IP certificate.

Participants stay in a student guesthouse in Katutura, a township of Windhoek (the capital of Namibia). Students can expect to share a dorm-style room with 2-6 other participants.

Volunteer Placements
Work days usually start at 8:00am and finish by 5:00pm. During the morning, participants will work on projects: painting daycares and kindergartens in the local area, assisting at soup kitchens and doing maintenance on different playgrounds in the neighbourhood. Participants will volunteer at the Bernard Nordkamp Center (BNC), an afterschool centre that sees 150 children daily; the Moses Garob Youth Center, to help with their soup kitchen program; assist with the annual Junior Highland Games tournament, and many more projects!

Meet who you will be working with in Namibia! Check out this video made by Kevin Anthony from Utah Valley University.  

Best Namibian Children from Kevin Anthony on Vimeo.

Weekend Excursions
Participants will have an opportunity to visit different parts of Namibia, exposing the group to the natural beauty of the country. Participants will go to Etosha National Park and experience a true African safari. We will also visit Spitzkoppe to see rock art, and to the beautiful town of Swakopmund, on the Skeleton Coast. Participants will try sandboarding in the Namib Desert, and take a boat tour out to Walvis Bay, where they befriend many seals, dolphins and pelicans.

Estimated Program Cost:
The program will cost approximately $3700.  This includes airfare, accommodation, in-country transportation, some meals and sightseeing excursions.

How to apply:
The Brock Abroad (BA) application requires students to upload a statement of purpose (approx. 250-500 words) addressing why you are interested in the BA program, ideas about fundraising and what you hope to learn from the program.  Your application is submitted on-line; to apply, please click here

Dates for 2016: April 29-May 21
If you have any questions, please contact

 For more information on the country of Namibia, please visit the following sites: