Brock Abroad - Botswana

Brock Abroad - Botswana

International Services and Programs Abroad provides members of the Brock community with the opportunity to learn more about southern Africa. In addition to its well established Namibia program, which takes place immediately after the final exams in April, the new Botswana program is scheduled to run during the last 3 weeks of August.

The raison d’être of all Brock University activities is to foster education. The traditional elements of education at Brock are lectures, labs, and seminars organized by professors who have expertise in their fields. Brock Abroad (BA) is an integral element of the University’s education mandate; however, the lectures, labs, and seminars are replaced by students volunteering on specific projects, while professors are replaced by local people with whom the students are volunteering. On the Brock Abroad programs, the professor can be a 5 year-old child, a social worker, or an illiterate 80 year-old grandmother. These people have generously agreed to share their knowledge and life experiences with you. Your assignment would be to learn from them and be willing to share your experiences with them. In this way, you would avoid the Western trap of thinking that you are the expert on how other people should live. While there are no assignments or final exams in these programs, the knowledge gained would last a lifetime. 

Brock Abroad – Botswana 2011 Slide Show Presentation

This August will see the first group of Brock participants travel to Botswana. You can find more information about the program by clicking the above title. You can also find more information by downloading the Brock Abroad – Botswana brochure.

How to Apply

The BA application requires students to upload a statement of purpose (approx. 250-500 words) addressing why you are interested in the BA program, ideas about fundraising and what you hope to learn from the program. Your application and a $500 deposit (cheques payable to Brock University) are submitted to International Services. Applications are submitted on-line, and the deposit is submitted to the Office of International Services.  To apply, please click here. Please note: applicants not selected for the program will have their deposit returned.
If you have any questions, please contact John Kaethler at
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