Brock Abroad: Namibia

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The Brock Abroad (BA) Program welcomes all members of the Brock community to take advantage of this exciting short-term volunteer placement opportunity in Africa. In 2016, BA: Namibia will be entering its 9th year!

Participants will have the opportunity to volunteer by working with children, other university students and adults. Participants work alongside local partners, learning not only about the country but about themselves and their place in the world. The program also provides students with social events and travel opportunities to experience the varied culture within each country. Students are encouraged to explore key social issues (poverty, education, community development).

The BA program has a learning outcome attached to the volunteer/service component.  It is important to recognize that it is not a form of charity.  Participants are encouraged to see themselves on the same level as our hosts – we have as much to learn from them as they do from us. 

Learning Outcomes

  • to develop a greater civic consciousness and to heighten global awareness
  • to work and share with fellow peers, staff, faculty and community
  • to identify and understand the challenges and opportunities faced in the host community
  • to live and learn with people whose lives differ considerably from their own, and to understand and appreciate different ideas, values and experiences


Upcoming Trips:

Namibia (May 2016)  Click the link for more detailed information regarding the program!- Trip is now full.