Karlstad University

Karlstad University



Karlstad is located in the region of Värmland, Sweden and one of our two Sweden partners. This region is very student friendly and offers a culture that is made up of beautiful nature, sports facilities, events, art, music, and literature. Karlstad University is also one of the youngest universities in Sweden, which allows for a very modern campus. There are approximately 12,000 Undergraduate and Master Students, with over 1,000 faculty members.
For more information, please visit the following websites:
For courses that are taught in English, please visit the following website - Karlstad Courses
Some of the courses that are taught at Karlstad are:
Business Administration
Comparative Literature
Computer Science
Cultural Studies
Film Studies
Information Systems
Media and Communication Studies
Political Science
Public Health Science
Swedish as a Second Language
Autumn Semester (Brock’s Fall Term) starts in mid-August and ends late January.
Spring Semester (Brock’s Winter Term) starts in mid-January and ends mid-June.
For specific dates, please refer to the Academic Calendar.
For information on Karlstad accommodation, please refer to the Accommodation website.


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If you're adventurous and interested in traveling and meeting new people, a semester abroad is the best and easiest way to do. My exchange to Karlstad, Sweden was amazing. I met and lived with the coolest, most inspiring people where we had the opportunity to tour all around Sweden as well as a lot of Europe. I ate dinner with my friends every night, and made memories that will never be replicable. Also, being thrown into a new culture where the language is different is so exciting, and I loved trying to learn the language. I still am, and I have full intentions to return soon. I now have friends from all over the world which I would consider as my bests. My only regret is staying only one semester.
- Kristen, 2009-2010