Curtin University of Technology

Curtin University of Technology



Curtin is a dynamic institution with a very international student body. The main campus, Bentley, is located in Perth, Western Australia. The teaching style at Curtin emphasizes practical and applied learning styles. The total student population is 40,000 with most attending the central Bentley campus in Perth.
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Note, what Brock calls a program, Curtin calls a course. What we call a course, they call a unit.
Some of Curtin University's course highlights are:
Computing / Information Technology
Economics / Finance
Urban and Regional Planning
Creative Arts and Design
Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy
International Business
Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
Tourism and Event Management
GIS, Geology, Mining
Sport Management
Note this is just a sample of some of the programs. To discover some of the unique offerings that Curtin has available, search through the Unit Guide
The first semester starts towards the end of February, with exam period ending in mid June. 
The second semester starts at the end of July and has exam period running towards the end of November.
Note: the seasons are opposite to Canada. 
On campus housing rates range from $100 - $255 AUS per week. You will have to take care of your own cooking and cleaning as all the accommodation is apartment style, shared with 8-6 other students. There are 1,175 residents spot located on campus, and the vast majority is given to international students.
See the 2010 student guide for pricing, availability and application details.


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The school offers a great chance to take some practical hands on courses. The faculties are knowledgeable and approachable, and the campus is compact and beautiful.

Perth has some of the greatest weather in the world. The temperature can get quite hot in the summer months, but the cooling “Freo Doctor” winds that blow in from the Ocean in the afternoon ensure that it doesn’t ever get muggy and humid. The beaches are fantastic.
- Erik, 2008-2009