Program Timeline

Program Timeline

If accepted, you will participate in a two-day workshop at Brock to prepare for your sojourn to Ghana. Then, in the summer months prior to your departure, you will start the first of the two online courses (INTC 1P20) before flying out to your placement in September. It will be a life-changing experience that not only allows you to learn more about Ghana but Canada as well! You will have the opportunity to return to Brock and start your classes in January 2013 or you can continue to explore the world and resume classes the following September. For students coming directly from high school, regardless of either start date, you will still be eligible to receive the same "perks" of a first-year student (guaranteed on-campus housing and entrance scholarships).


Here is a monthly breakdown of how the program works:


Applications are due and interview appointments are organized. Most interviews take place on campus however Skype or phone interviews can be arranged for special circumstances. If you have any concerns about interview protocols, please let us know.


The first fee installment of $1500 is due. This payment is 100% non-refundable.

Students who will be enrolling in INTC 1P20 will also register and pay all necessary tuition fees around this time.


Students will attend a mandatory Pre-departure Orientation session held at Brock University. Orientation topics include cultural information specific to Ghana, managing culture shock, health and medical matters, academic matters, VISA application procedures, accommodation and volunteer placements.

Online Classes begin (INTC 1P20)


The remaining fee payments for the program are due. Students can choose to pay in increments along the way or cover the cost in one lump sum, as long as all fees are paid by the posted deadline.


Depart for Ghana!

Students will receive a 5-day in-country orientation given by WUSC and our in-country partners. Orientation topics include volunteer placements, local transportation, shopping and bargaining among others. Excursions to Kakum National Park and Elmina Fort are also included.

Start Volunteer placements


Return to Canada and share your experiences with others!


Students can choose to reconvene their studies during the Winter semester, or they can defer until the following September.


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INCOMING BROCK STUDENTS: Depending on your specific program, many courses required in year one are Full Year. Having missed the first semester you will be unable to register for these full year courses which may impact your ability to take courses upon your arrival back in Canada. You may have the option to take half-semester elective courses but we recommend talking with an Academic Adviser regarding your degree plan. We do our best to invite the academic advisers to the pre-departure orientation in July however it is beneficial to know how the GT program might affect your degree plan before you depart.