Experiential Placement Opportunities

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Enhance your Cultural Learning Experience by working in Local Communities alongside Ghanaian People!

While abroad, students will participate in experiential learning placements to accentuate the cultural learning. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside Ghanaian people in local projects, thus making friends and gaining valuable life experience for the future.
Student placements are determined once they have arrived in-country allowing the coordinators to match students to an appropriate project based on their qualifications, activity interests and volunteer goals. Placements are based on what is available and what is needed in the community. Past placements have been focused in the following three areas: Education and Teaching, Health Promotion, and Social Programming.
Education and Teaching
Placements in this field provide students with the opportunity to work within a Ghanaian classroom and experience the different teaching and learning styles used. Volunteer tasks might include assisting the teacher with assignment preparation and marking, classroom management, meal distribution, helping students with reading/writing/mathematics, and organizing developmental games and activities for students. Please note that without a Teaching Degree, formal teaching in the classroom will be limited and left up to the discretion of the placement advisor.








Health Promotion

Placements in this field might provide students with the opportunity to share appropriate health practices such as nutrition, first aid, hygiene, and AIDs awareness programs with at-risk youth in local schools or medical centres. Students may also have the chance to assist in clinical settings where they might assist clinicians with simple tasks or interact with patients, allowing them to experience Ghana's health care system firsthand. Please note students will not be responsible for administering shots or performing any medical procedures while abroad.


Social programming

Placements in this field will allow students to interact on a one-on-one basis with local youth and adolescents in the community. Whether in a school, orphanage or community center, students will work towards planning interactive games, learning programs and social activities for various groups. Those with creative minds and a desire to reach out to a large audience will flourish in this setting and experience community connections like no other.