Academic Information

Academic Information

Participants of the Global Transition program will complete a total of 1.5 university credits done exclusively online: one-half university credit (INTC 1P20) will be completed in the summer prior to departure* and an additional full-year University credit (INTC 2F05) is taken while abroad.

For those students participating directly out of high school, even though your university education won't officially begin until after your return, you are still earning credits towards your degree! You will have the opportunity to return to Brock and start your classes in January 2014 OR you can continue to explore the world and resume classes the following September. Regardless of either start date, you will still be eligible to receive the same "perks" of a first-year student (guaranteed on-campus housing, entrance scholarships and early registration).

INTC 1P20 - Introduction to Global Transitions

This course covers cultural similarities and differences and their impact on intercultural contact and communication. Topics include cultural adjustment, expectation management, conflict resolution and self-knowledge in the light of international experience. This course is offered during the Summer Term with lectures and assignments being completed online.

*Current Brock students will have the option to register for this course.

INTC 2F05 - Global Transitions

This course consists of online reporting and discussion of your Ghanaian international experience leading to a final written account and colloquium. Lectures and assignments are completed online while overseas.


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Meet the Instructors

Jeff Reichheld

Mr. Reichheld is a part-time professor in the Department of Intercultural Studies and Department of English Language and Literature. In 2007, Mr. Reichheld was awarded a Distinguished Senior TA Teaching Award for his work in English courses and has been the professor of the INTC 1P20 courses for the past 2 years.

Deborah Yeager - Woodhouse
: Glenridge 211
Phone: 905-688-5550 ext. 4438

Dr. Yeager-Woodhouse's research involves working with Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs): Assessing Learner Needs and Designing Individually Tailored Programs. Health Canada: Ottawa (in press). This Health Canada manual (approx. 80 pages) is a guide to effective intercultural contact and communication practices; it will appear in both English and French, and will be disseminated to all Schools/Faculties of Nursing at Canadian Universities and Hospital/Practice settings across Canada.





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