Leeds Metropolitan University

Leeds Metropolitan University


Leeds Metropolitan University has two campuses that are located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.
The city of Leeds and Leeds Met provides its students with a great place to both study and live. At Leeds Met, you can find numerous green spaces, great sporting facilities and cutting-edge teaching facilities. It has the largest student population outside of London, which is currently at over 41, 000 students.
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Leeds Metropolitan University offers a wide range of undergraduate courses in various disciplines. You can more information on specific courses available by visiting the Undergraduate Course webpage.
The First Semester (Brock’s Fall Term) typically starts late September and ends in mid-January.
The Second Semester (Brock’s Winter Term) typically starts in late January and ends in late May.
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Leeds Metropolitan University has several options in regards to residencies, which include; Carlton Hill, Carnegie Village, Kikstall Brewery, Libert Park, 1 Mill Street, Opal One & Two, Royal Park Flats, Sugarwell Court and Woodhouse Flats.
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Leeds Metropolitan University


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I can honestly say that my exchange to Leeds Met University in the UK was the most rewarding experience of my life. I met all kinds of interesting people from all around the world who I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life. After my exchange I was able to go backpacking across Europe and was able to stay at many of my new friends? houses. I would recommend to anybody and everybody to go on exchange so you can experience it firsthand. Aside from the obvious social benefits, I was able take classes in subjects I never would have had the chance to take in Canada. I learned a lot about the world and more importantly, about myself.? - Caleb Hill B.A History (Honours)