Information for Partners

Information for Partners

Application Deadlines

Full Year: May 1

Fall Term: May 1

Winter Term: August 1

Important Dates

For an outline of important dates for the Fall Term (September-December) please visit the Registrar's Office.

All important dates for the Winter Term (January-April) can be found here.


Students will be informed at the beginning of each course, of the style of grading used by the professor. Students are expected to attend all lectures, tutorials, seminars and laboratory periods of the courses in which they are registered.

The grading system is as follows:

A (80-100%) indicates excellent to outstanding work

B (70-78%) indicates competent work

C (60-68%) adequate work

D (50-58%) minimum requirements barely satisfied

F (45% or lower) requirements not met, no credit will be given

Students should plan to remain at Brock University until the last day of exams. The exam schedule is posted on the Registrar’s website mid-semester. The last day of exams is usually known and posted at the beginning of the academic year. Please visit the Examinations website for further information.