Course Transfer Information

Course Transfer Information

Course Approval Form
All students participating in an exchange must complete the Course Approval Form provided by International Services. Students must meet with Brock academic advisors to have the courses they wish to take assessed and approved. The form must be completed and returned to International Services prior to the student's departure. If the courses are not approved by Brock Faculty and/or Academic Advisors, you will not receive Brock credit for the work done abroad. In addition, you must pass all of your classes in order to receive credit.

Will my grades be affected?
Your grades should not be compromised by your studies abroad because your courses will be transferred back to Brock on a pass/fail basis, thus avoiding potential problems that could arise from different grading systems.

Transfer Credit Information 
The following is a list of the exchange transfer credits processed over the  years through International Services.  This is NOT a complete list of course options at our partner schools.

The actual decisions on transfer credits are made by the appropriate academic departments or units, not by International Services.  Identification of previously processed transfer credits from the particular institutions listed below neither guarantees future transfer credit for these courses, nor excludes other possibly eligible choices.

NOTE: The new exchange partners will NOT have a transfer credit report until a Brock student has studied at the institution on exchange and brought back credits for transfer. Also, all links on this page connect to a PDF containing information on transfer credits.

Location Institution
Australia Australian Catholic University
Curtin University
Griffith University
University of Canberra
Southern Cross University
Brazil Campinas (UNICAMP)
Czech Republic Masaryk University
England Keele University  

University of Birmingham

University of Essex
Univeristy of Kent
University of Leeds

Univeristy of Surrey

University of Nottingham-Trent

University of Worcester

France Ontario/Rhône-Alpes (ORA)
Germany Johannes Gutenberg Universitat (JGU)
University of Mannheim
Ghana University of Ghana
Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong
Netherlands Maastricht University
Radboud University
New Zealand University of Otago

Glasgow Caledonian University

Queen Margaret University
South Africa University of Pretoria
South Korea Yonsei University
Switzerland School of Engineering at Changins
Sweden Karlstad University
Linnaeus University
Trinidad & Tobago University of The West Indies
USA ISEP USA - American Options
University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG)
Wales Swansea University
Worldwide  ISEP Muli - International Options