Elective Seminars

Elective Seminars


Choose 2 seminars from the each of the two streams, Academic and Career, below:



All seminars in this part can be found under A-Z Learning Services Workshops website and can be registered there.

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• Getting the Most out of Lectures

It takes international students an average period of 3 months to know all the study tricks in a Canadian University.  Why not learn them in an hour? Learn techniques for preparing for lectures as well as effective strategies for taking notes, listening for key points, and summarizing main ideas, depending on your particular learning style.

• Skills and Strategies for Seminars

Are you struggling with seminar participation? Do you feel it is difficult to raise your hands in class due to a shyness and nervousness? Learn how better preparation skills, active listening strategies, and better note-taking will help you make the most of your seminars. Since participation is such a huge part of seminar, this workshop will also encourage you to practice your skills in a mock seminar!

• Making a Speech/Presentation

Learn how to effectively communicate your ideas to a group. This workshop will help you gain confidence and achieve success in presentations and speeches by looking at oral presentation styles, preparation strategies, and tips for delivery.

• Crash Course in Essay Writing

Do you find it is difficult to write an essay in a second language? This workshop offers an overview of the essay writing process including how to narrow a topic, form a thesis statement, outline the essay, develop paragraphs, support your points with evidence, and finally proofread and edit your essay.

• Exam Preparation, Writing Multiple Choice Exams, Short-Answer and Essay Exams

Want to increase your marks? In these workshops you will learn strategies to maximize your potential when preparing for specific exam formats. Learn what you can do before, during, and after writing multiple choice, short answer, and essay style exams to increase your academic success.

Advantage Plus (Library Research Skills)

Often people do not realize the power of the Library Research Skills. This tutorial will introduce you to the library resources and services that will help you be successful in your studies. It will give you a brief overview of how to find books and journal articles, and it will tell you how to get more help.



Seminars below can be found from Career Services website:

• Online Workshops
Learn the basics first
Job Search 101 series of four online workshops cover the basics of:
  • How to Write a Resume (basic version) and (game version)
  • How to Write a Cover Letter (basic version) and (game version)
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Portfolio Development

To complete an online workshop, log into CareerZone, click Career Services > Workshops.

• Accomplishment Based Resume Writing

Do you know a good resume is the key to get a job? This workshop takes you beyond resume structure and format to helping you learn and develop effective accomplishment statements in your resume. A copy of your current resume is required for activity purposes.

• Customized Cover Letter Writing

Catch an employer’s attention by learning how to write a customized cover letter. Learn about how to read a job advertisement and effective strategies for planning and preparing your cover letter.

• Interview Strategies and Practice

Employers hire a candidate based the impressions and performance in the interviews. Mastering a job interview is not an easy task. It takes time, preparation and practice to be successful in responding to different interview questions and convincing employers that you are the best candidate for the job. This workshop will help you prepare for a variety of interview formats and styles, as well as the types of questions you can anticipate in an interview.

• Job Search Strategies

Discover the best resources and strategies to help you access the hidden job market and find the job you want. This workshop is designed for individuals who have a specific employment goals or career path in mind.

• Business Communication (A-Z Learning Services Workshops)

Communication skills are essential in North American companies. Learn how to use effective speaking skills and appropriate non-verbal communication in a business setting.

• Success in the World of Work  

Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 4:00pm - 5:00pm.
Location: International Building lounge, IC104.
Are you familiar with the professional workplace etiquette in the North America companies? This workshop provides you the “common sense” working in the business environment including how to make a positive impression at work; how to be an effective team member; how to adjust different workplace cultures.



Students who complete all the required seminars will receive their Experience Plus transcript