Mandatory Seminars

Mandatory Seminars

All seminars can be found at the A-Z Learning Services Workshops website and you can register in them there.

  •  Academic Misconduct

    Cultural assumptions tend to overlook the importance of academic integrity and plagiarism. There is a huge possibility that international students cheat unintentionally in the essay writing.  This workshop will look at the concept of plagiarism, but more importantly, will discuss tips on how to avoid it. We will look at paraphrasing and summarizing, as well as common questions that arise when writing an academic, research-based paper.

  • Time Management 

    Do you want to learn tips on how to balance school and work? This workshop provides you with the opportunity to explore various resources and strategies to structure your time and prioritize. As a group, we’ll tackle common time management issues. It helps to develop a time management strategy that works for you!