Pre-Conference Workshop: Best Practices From Int’l Student Survey

Pre-Conference Workshop: Best Practices From Int’l Student Survey


OAIE – Morning Session

Best Practices from I-graduate International Student Satisfaction Survey – Panel Discussions

May 15, 9:00 am - 12:00 noon, TH255


The I-graduate ISB Survey began in Ontario in fall 2010 with six colleges and six universities. In fall 2011 the ISB survey base increased to 20 institutions consisting of the original 12 schools and an additional four colleges and four universities.

John Shalagan (Senior Policy Advisor, MTCU) and Pamela Barrett (from i-graduate) will provide an overview of the morning session. The panel topics selected are aimed at fostering a better understanding of the issues being faced by college and university international office staff, faculty, students, and administrators as they strive to provide international students with a quality postsecondary experience while studying in Ontario and Canada.


Using the ISB Results to Create the Right Expectations for International Students at Your Campus

The ISB is most useful when you view the results as a measure of your ability to create the right expectations and then trying to meet them. In some cases, the best response to the survey is to do more to meet expectations. In other cases, some institutions may be raising student expectations unrealistically even before students arrive on campus. In either situation, the ISB provides data to help address the issue at hand.

This panel session looks at how several Ontario institutions have used the ISB in managing international student expectations.


Beyond the International Office – Building Overall Campus Results

Data, that’s what the ISB gives you, from a student’s impression of their first 24 hours on campus, to their assessment of the quality of teaching and research, and everything else in between. What the ISB data confirms is that that the entire institution, not just a student’s interaction with the International Office, influences an international student’s experience on campus.

Hear how college and university International Office staff use the ISB results to reach out to faculty, staff, and departments to engage support to influence change on campus.


The Out of Canada ISB Experience (To be confirmed)

In this video conference session hear how institutions from the United Kingdom and the United States work with ISB data. What can we learn from the experiences of our colleagues from abroad?


Using ISB Data to Win Friends and Influence People

There are considerable reputational risks if international students perceive that they are not receiving a high quality education that is on par with the historical expectations set out for domestic students. Failure to uphold high standards could tarnish the reputation of your institution as well as other postsecondary institutions in the province.

Hear how several colleges and universities are using ISB to assist in marketing and recruiting efforts to enhance their institutional brands.


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