International Student Award FAQ

International Student Award FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


What is an award?

·         An award is recognition of a student’s hard work in high school.

·         In this case, the value of the award is a one-time non-renewable award of $3,000CDN.

·         It does not need to be repaid to the university, under normal circumstances


How do I qualify for this award?

·         Need to meet minimum academic requirements for program

·         Have to be currently studying at a high school in one of the target countries

·         Have to meet the application deadline of April 1, 2013

·         Must have ALREADY APPLIED to Brock by deadline

·         Must be coming to Brock on a study permit

·         Must be coming directly into undergraduate studies at Brock (i.e. not studying English as a second language first)


What are the target countries?

Students who are eligible to apply must be international students coming to Brock from:

  •          Antigua
  •     Australia
  •          Bahamas
  •          Bermuda
  •     New Zealand
  •          St. Lucia
  •          Trinidad
  •          United Kingdom
  •          United States



How do I apply for the award?

·         Apply to Brock

·         Apply for the award by filling out the application at


Do I need to provide additional documents?

·         You need to apply to Brock via OUAC and supply Brock with all necessary documents for your application

·         In addition, you will need to fill out the online application and submit it with a Letter of Intent


When will a decision be made?

·         The first round of decisions will be made after April 15, 2013


How will I be notified of the decision?

·         You will be emailed at the address supplied on the application if you are successful

·         Only successful applicants will be notified


If I am successful, will I still be eligible for the Entrance Awards?

·         Yes, you will still be eligible based on your overall admission average. See for more information about the Entrance Awards


Does it matter what program I am entering to be eligible?

·         No it does not matter what program you are entering. If you are an international student coming to study in an undergraduate program directly from high school from one of the specified countries, you are eligible for the award, no matter what program you are entering.


Who makes the decision if I get the award?

·         There is a committee that reviews all the applications


What will be the deciding factor on who gets the award?

·         The committee will base their final decisions on two items – meeting minimum award qualifications and on the substance of your statement of intent.



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