Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Brock offers outstanding program choices at all levels of study, with over 72 undergraduate options, 34 Masters programs, and 7 Doctoral programs. The quality of our programs have been recognized nationally and internationally. With an emphasis on experiential learning, Brock will provide you with the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge through Co-op Programs, internships and field placements. These experiences, along with outstanding faculty, unique research opportunities, and a focus on small-group learning, provide a unique learning experience.

Undergraduate Studies

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
Child Health, BA
Community Health, BA
Medical Sciences, BSc
Kinesiology, BKin, BScKin
Nursing, BScN
Physical Education, BPhEd
Public Health, BPH
Recreation and Leisure Studies, BRLS
Sport Management, BSM

Faculty of Business
Accounting, BAcc
Business Administration, BBA (Co-op)
International Dual Degree, BBA/BSc (Co-op)
Faculty of Education
BEd (Teacher Education, Consecutive program for those with a university degree)
BEd in Adult Education or Certificate in Adult Education
Early Childhood Education, BECE
Intermediate/Senior Concurrent Education (Grades 7-12) – Teachable subjects: Arts, Physical Education and Science. BA/BEd, BPhEd/Bed, BSc/BEd
Junior/Intermediate Concurrent Education (Grades 4-10) – Teachable subjects: Arts, Physical Education and Science. BA/Bed, BPhEd/Bed, BSc/BEd
Primary/Junior Concurrent Education BA/BED (Grades K-6)
Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in Education
Faculty of Humanities                                                                                                                                            
Applied Linguistics, BA (Co-op)
Canadian Studies, BA
Classics, BA
Dramatic Arts, BA (Co-op)
English Language & Literature, BA
French Studies, BA
General Studies, BA (Humanities)
German (Minor)
History, BA (Co-op)
History of Art and Visual Culture, BA
Iberian and Latin American Studies, BA
Interactive Arts and Science, BA
Intercultural Studies (Minor)
Italian Studies, BA
Liberal Arts, BA, BSc (Co-op)
Medieval & Renaissance Studies, BA
Music, BMus, BA
Philosophy, BA
Studies in Arts and Culture, BA
Studies in Comparative Literatures and Cultures, BA
Studio Art, BA
Visual Arts, BA

Faculty of Mathematics and Science
Applied Computing (Minor)
Biochemistry, BSc (Co-op)
Biological Sciences, BSc
Biomedical Sciences, BSc
Biophysics, BSc
Biotechnology, BSc (Co-op)
Chemistry, BSc (Co-op)
Computer Science, BSc (Co-op)
Computer Science and Mathematics, BSc (Co-op)
Computing and Business, BCB (Co-op)
Computing and Network Communications, BSc (Co-op)
Computing and Solid-State Device Technology, BSc (Co-op)
Earth Sciences, BSc (Co-op)
Environmental Geoscience, BSc (Co-op)
General Studies (Science), BSc
Mathematics, BSc
Mathematics Integrated with Computers and Applications – MICA, BSc (Co-op)
Neuroscience, BSc (Co-op)
Oenology and Viticulture, BSc (Co-op)
Physics, BSc (Co-op)

Faculty of Social Sciences
Business Communication, BA
Business Economics, BBE (Co-op)
Child and Youth Studies, BA
Distinct and Diverse Communities, BA
Economics, BA (Co-op)
Film Studies, BA
General Studies (Social Sciences), BA
Geography, BA, BSc (Co-op)
International Political Economy, BA
Labour Studies, BA
Media and Communication Studies, BA
Political Science, BA (Co-op)*
Popular Culture, BA
Psychology, BA (Co-op)
Sociology, BA
Tourism and Environment, BA
Women’s and Gender Studies, BA
Faculty of Graduate Studies
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*International applicants may apply to the Co-op Political Science program but may not specialize in Public Administration.