Leon from Pakistan

Leon, a second-year Liberal Arts and Business student from Pakistan, came to Brock because Brock recognized his degree from home and accepted his transfer credits. He enjoys living in the Niagara Region due to its beautiful nature. Working and volunteering on campus, he has enhanced his university experience.

Program: Liberal Arts & Business
Citizenship: Pakistani
Year started at Brock: 2012

Why did you choose Brock?
Brock recognized my degree from back home and accepted my transfer credits.

What has been your most memorable Brock experience?
Participating in a Brock International photo shoot and my trip to Niagara Falls when I first arrived in the area.

What do you plan on doing with your Brock degree?
I hope my degree can help me find a good job and help me understand the business world.

What clubs/organizations are you involved in?
I volunteered for ISA (International Students Association).

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