Debora from Brazil

Debora is a Brazilian student who was granted a scholarship, and as part of program “Science Without Borders”, came to Brock to expand her knowledge about chemistry and biotechnology. She spends a great deal of time here because Brock has a lot of activities to be engaged in.

Program: Chemistry, Biotechnology (Chemical Engineering)
Citizenship: Brazilian
Year started at Brock: 2012
Former High School: Colegion Santa Maria-2008

Why did you choose Brock?
Brock has an awesome program to host international students.

What has been your most memorable Brock experience?
Brock offers so many activities to be engaged that it’s hard to think of just one. But I had a great time at the Grape Stomp last year, and now I am having a great time working in a very well-equipped laboratory. Learning a lot!

What do you plan on doing with your Brock degree?
My program is not to get a Brock degree, but the experience I am having will be memorable and definitely useful wherever I decide to work.

What clubs/organizations are you involved in?
I am working in an organic chemistry lab. I also participated in the crochet club.

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