Prices are quoted in Canadian dollars. Fees are valid for 2015-16 Foundation Program. Fees subject to change. 

Program Cost
BUIFP (including ESL), September start* $20,000*
BUIFP, January start $16,000*

Tuition Deposit

Due on Acceptance of Offer. Applied to BUIFP Fees.

Accommodation Options***
Dormitory Accommodation for 10 months with access to food preparation. $9,500 - $11,500

$750 per month, with meals

$450 per month, without meals

*Includes tuition for all credit and non-credit courses, textbooks and course materials for all non-credit courses, and ancillary fees such as health insurance, bus pass, student identification card and computer account.

**All fees are non-refundable with one exception. If your visa application is denied by the Canadian Embassy, the tuition deposit minus a $100 administration fee will be refunded with proof of denial. Requests for refunds must be made no later than the date specified in the tuition deposit letter issued at the time of admission.

*** For more information about accommodation options please refer to: www.brocku.ca/international-foundation-program/housing

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