Foundation English for Academic Purposes (EAP) I & II

Each Unit is an introduction to a particular academic discipline. The curriculum is based on what students will need to be able to do in the academic context. The readings, activities, and assignments build the students’ competencies in order to take part in daily academic communications.


Accent Modification

Practice with the pronunciation, intonation and stress patterns of English.  An integrated approach to academic presentations in varied disciplines. 


Undergraduate Courses

F              →           1.00 Brock University credit

P             →           0.50 Brock University credit

COMM 1P96: Professional Communication

This is a skills-based course in which you will explore the many functions, effects, and practices of communication in professional environments. Students are expected to approach all aspects of the course as young professionals, in the interest of broadening understanding of professional communication and learning, exercising, and refining the skills associated with the field.


COMM 1P97: Introduction to Communication in Business

Theory and practice of business communication; including structures of organizations, strategy, leadership, conflict resolution, ethics, organizational culture; gender and cross-cultural relations in organizations.


INTC 1F90: Foundations of Intercultural Studies

INTC 1F90 introduces students to the important processes of intercultural contact and communication. As such, it offers an indispensable first step towards understanding not only our modern world in general, but also the particular experience of international students beginning their stay at Brock University.


MATH 1P20: Introduction to Mathematics

Essential mathematics skills required for university mathematics courses. Sets, real and complex numbers, solutions of inequalities and equations, functions, inverse functions, composition of functions, polynomial functions, rational functions, trigonometry, trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, conic sections, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, polar co-ordinates, mathematical induction, binomial theorem, vectors and matrices.



SCIE 1P51: Science and Society
Introduction to interrelationships between science, technology and society.  


 *Program schedule subject to change.