International Education Week 2013: Event Schedule

International Education Week 2013: Event Schedule

There are many exciting events happening during International Education Week. Learn more about what's going on each day. Please note that some events require registration.

To see the condensed event schedule, click here!

For detailed information about IEW events, keep reading:

Monday, November 18
Tuesday, November 19
Wednesday, November 20
Thursday, November 21
Friday, November 22


Monday, November 11

Goodman International Day
Hosted by the Goodman School of Business
Stop by the Sankey Chamber to learn all about Goodman Exchange and how you can add an internatinoal element to your Business degree!
Sankey Chamber


Thursday, November 14

"Learning Conversation" Brown Bag
Hosted by the Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education, Faculty of Education
You are warmly invited to attend the first informal "Learning Conversation" Brown Bag . Two former MEd students will briefly present their 5Q97 culminating poster as a basis for the conversation. This is a great opportunity for domestic and international students to engage in a stimulating conversation and to network with each other and with Faculty.
When: 11:45am-12:45pm
Where: Fireside Lounge, Ground Floor, Earp Residence


Friday, November 15

Annual Karaoke Contest: The Voice of Brock Season 2
Hosted by Brock University Chinese Students' and Scholars' Association (BUCSSA)
BUCSSA’s Karaoke Contest is one of the most famous annual events at Brock. Let our beautiful voices expel loneliness in fall. Let music bring a romantic atmosphere to our campus. We are here, waiting for you!
Contestants: Sign up by November 13 in MCA!
When: 6:30-10:00 pm
Where: Isaac's Bar and Grill 


Monday, November 18 - Friday, November 22

International Photo Exhibition : "This is My Home" and "Home Away From Home"
Hosted by Brock International and International Services & Programs Abroad
Check out the photo exhibition in the Sean O'Sullivan Gallery or online and see the beauty of our international students' home countries and cultures! Vote for your favourite "This is My Home" photos. The winning photos will be framed and the winners recognized at the annual International Services Holiday Banquet.
When: All day
Where: Sean O'Sullivan Gallery 

Where in the world is Jack McIsaac? Contest
Hosted by Career Services
Drop by the Career Resource Centre and play a fun game! During IEW, you will have the chance to uncover clues and guess what country Jack is visiting! Each day, Jack will be in a different country, and the more you play, the more chances you have to win a Travel Book!
Don't forget to ask us about our work, study, and volunteer abroad resources, including Going Global, a country-specific employment database, featuring information on work permit/visa regulations, resume writing guidelines and examples, employment trends, salary ranges, world-wide job openings, internship listings, and more!
When: 9am-4:30pm
Where: Career Resource Centre 

International Menu
Hosted by Dining Services
Grab your lunch or dinner in the Guernsey Market or Decew Dining Hall this week to experience international cuisine! Visit the dining halls for detailed menus.
When: Lunch 
Where: Guernsey Market, Decew Dining Hall

Winter Festival of Lights
Hosted by Ontario Power Generation
The 2013-2014 Festival of Lights will have a new look and new sponsorship. The focus on new lighting displays will be from South Korea, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the armistice marking the end of the Korean conflict and recognizing the Federal Government's designation of 2013 as the Year of Korea in Canada. The 2013-2014 Festival will feature 16 beautiful, hand-painted lantern displays from the award-winning Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival in South Korea, along with a 70-metre Tunnel of Wish Lanterns. The Jinju lantern displays showcase iconic representations of South Korean culture.
When: November 9-January 31
Where: Niagara Falls, over 5 km route along the world-famous Falls


Monday, November 18

International Mosaic Student Clubs Fair
Hosted by Brock International (BI)
Come check out the international student clubs and groups at Brock. Learn about what international groups are doing within the Brock community, how you can get involved, or when upcoming events are taking place!
Featuring: Ghanaian Student Association, Brock University Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Student Justice Centre, Solidarity Experiences Abroad, ISA and more!
When: 11am-1pm
Where: Guernsey Market 

Canadian Job Search Information Table
Hosted by Career Services
Stop by the Career Services Information Table to learn about working in Canada and tips for finding a job. Start your job search with the assistance of Career Services.
When:  1-3pm
Where: International Centre 1st Floor

Movie Night: Spellbound
Hosted by Student Justice Centre (SJC) and International Students' Association (ISA)
This documentary follows 8 teens and pre-teens as they work their way toward the finals of the Scripps Howard national spelling bee championship in Washington, D.C. All work quite hard and practice daily, first having to win their regional championship before they can move on. Interviews include the parents and teachers who are working with them. The competitors not only work hard to get to the finals, but face tremendous pressure as the original group of over 250 competitors is whittled down and the words they must spell get ever more difficult.
When: 7-9 pm
Where: Academic South Room 202


Tuesday, November 19

Conversation Cafe "Follow your Passion or Become Passionate About What You Do?"
Hosted by Community Learning
It is common to hear the advice "follow your passion". Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life, goes the old cliche. Some people say that it is foolish to follow your passion; instead you should plan wisely and then find the passion in what you do. This conversation asks questions such as: Should you follow your passion no matter what the consequences? Does everyone have a passion, or just some people? Can people have passions they don't even know about? Does passion change and evolve over a lifetime? Featuring guest speaker Christina Bosilo, International Services & Programs Abroad.
When: 7-8:30 pm
Where: Mahtay Cafe, 241 St. Paul St.


Wednesday, November 20

The Student Exchange Experience Panel
Hosted by International Services & Programs Abroad
Are you interested in participating in an exchange? Do you have any questions regarding the study, travel, or life experience in another country? Come and check out our student exchange experience panel. You will have a chance to talk to Brock students who have returned from an exchange, as well as current international Exchange students who are studying at Brock. It is a great opportunity to get to know the life and experience of university students abroad!
*International Plus Event*
When: 10-11am
Where: Taro Hall 307

Venezuelan Cooking Demonstration

Hosted by ESL Services
Sign up in advance to participate in this international cooking demonstration. Learn about the rich culture of Venezuela and how to prepare traditional dishes. And the best part - you'll be able to try these delicious dishes! For more information, visit Registration is full!
*International Plus Event*
When: 11am-12pm
Where:International Centre Staff Lounge

Internationalizing Your Brock Experience
Hosted by International Services & Programs Abroad
Brock offers many ways to internationalize your Brock degree! Attend this session to learn about the many short- and long-term opportunities for you to participate in. There are many ways to obtain credits overseas, in both the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer sessions. Don't miss out on learning about these exciting opportunities!
*International Plus Event*
When: 3-4pm
Where: Welch Hall 305

Mandarin Club - Calligraphy: Drawing the Ancient Chinese Characters
Hosted by Confucius Institute at Brock University
Ancient Chinese Writing Style, Oracle & Seal, as an art form and the easiest Chinese Scripting Way to learn, conveys the most primordial meaning of Chinese language with the fewest strokes. During this workshop, you will learn the basic writing skill and create your own artwork with ancient characters. Email to sign up!
*International Plus Event*
When: 5-7pm
Where: International Centre 104 

WADJDA (Haifaa Al-Mansour, Saudi Arabia/Germany, rated PG, 98 min)
Hosted by Brock University Film Series (BUFS)
A young girl in a suburb of the capital of Saudi Arabia goes to great lengths to raise money to buy a bicycle. This is the first feature film shot entirely in Saudi Arabia, and the country's first film directed by a woman.
*International Plus Event*
When: 7pm
Where: Empire Theatres Pen Centre, 221 Glendale Avenue


Thursday, November 21

The Art of Crossing Cultures
Hosted by International Services & Programs Abroad
This workshop will help you to familiarize yourself with the experience of interacting with a different culture. The workshop focuses on a variety of areas, including Culture Shock, Cultural Communication, Ethnocentrism, Cultural Identity, and much more. A unique and valuable perception is developed through this workshop by recognizing how we see ourselves and how those in other cultures view us. Come out and join us!
*International Plus Workshop!*
When: 10-11am
Where: Pond Inlet

Accessing your International IQ
Hosted by International Services & Programs Abroad
This interactive workshop is designed to assist you to discover how much knowledge you have about cultures and countries around the world. Even if you believe you have a vast amount of knowledge about the world, you will be surprised at some of the interesting international elements you will learn at this workshop! You'll have fun, discover your knowledge of the world around you, and educate yourself when you attend Accessing Your International IQ.
*International Plus Workshop!*
When: 11am-12pm
Where: Pond Inlet

Saudi Arabian Cooking Demonstration
Hosted by ESL Services
Sign up in advance to participate in this international cooking demonstration. Learn about the rich culture of Saudi Arabia and how to prepare traditional dishes. And the best part - you'll be able to try these delicious dishes! For more information, visit Registration is full!
*International Plus Event*
When: 12-1pm
Where: International Centre Staff Lounge

The Chinese Experience in Canada
Hosted by Brock International and Zi Wang
Zi Wang, a BAcc 4th year student, former president of Brock University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (BUCSSA), is going to talk about the challenges of Chinese students in Canada. The presentation will cover topics including academic challenges, social integration problems, and difficulties with English as a second language. It will also offer possible resolutions to these problems.
*International Plus Event*
When: 1-2pm
Where: Pond Inlet

Working in Canada Workshop (Cancelled)
Hoted by Career Services and Goodman Career Centre
Attend this workshop to learn about working in Canada, get tips for finding a job, and start your job search. Sign up on!
Where: Thistle Room 248

International Language Lab
Hosted by International Students' Association (ISA) and Student Justice Centre (SJC)
During this language lab, native speakers of different languages will help students acquire common phrases through interactive games. This will be a great way to learn about international languages and to bridge communication gaps.
*International Plus Event*
When: 2-3:30pm
Where: International Centre Student Lounge (104)


Friday, November 22

A Snapshot of Alternative Reading Week (Panel Cancelled: Information Session Only)
Hosted by Student Life and Community Experience
Join Brock students as they share their experiences of traveling to the United States, Dominican Republic and El Salvador during Reading Week to serve in communities in need.
*International Plus Event*
When: 12-1pm
Where: Sankey Chamber 

Open Sports Afternoon - Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball
Hosted by Brock International and Recreation Services
Drop by the Beddis gymnasium dressed for activity (clean indoor running shoes, shorts or sweat pants, and a t-shirt) and join in to play badminton, basketball, and/or volleyball! Open to all current Brock students. Please bring your Brock Student Card. Celebrate the end of International Education Week.
When: 2-5 pm
Where: Ian Beddis Courts 2, 3, 4 

International Soccer Tournament
Hosted by Brock International and Recreation Services
Come out for a night of pick-up soccer and take part in a popular international tradition. Open to all current Brock students. Please bring your Brock Student Card. Celebrate the end of International Education Week with a sport that is rich in international history! Compete to win the IEW Cup!
When: 6-10pm
Where: Gym 2 


Monday, November 25

Research/Teach in Germany: DAAD Programs & Other Funding Opportunities
Hosted by Brock International
Come hear DAAD Information Centre Toronto Officer speak about the wide range of programs and opportunities for faculty and researchers.
When: 11-11:45am
Where: International Centre Room 207

Study in Germany: Presentation by University of Mannheim and DAAD
Hosted by Brock International
Come hear from Brock's partner institution in Germany, University of Mannheim, and learn about the region, the school, and studying in Germany. DAAD Information Centre Toronto Officer will speak about special programs and scholarship opportunities for students.
*Presentation to include a light lunch*
When: 12-1:30pm
Where: International Centre Room 207