National Survey of Student Engagement

National Survey of Student Engagement

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) collects information from first year and final year students about the characteristics and quality of their undergraduate experience. Since the inception of the survey, more than 1,500 bachelor’s-granting colleges and universities in the United States and Canada have used it to measure the extent to which students engage in effective educational practices that are empirically linked with learning, personal development, and other desired outcomes such as persistence, satisfaction, and graduation.


Institutions, Brock Included, use their data to identify aspects of the undergraduate experience inside and outside the classroom that can be improved through changes in policies and practices more consistent with good practices in undergraduate education. This information is also intended for use by prospective students, their parents, academic advisers, institutional research officers, and researchers generally in learning more about how students spend their time and what they gain from their experiences.


In 2006, all of the provincially-assisted universities in Ontario participated in the NSSE survey. This was in response to the Ontario government’s call for greater accountability and focus on the quality of the student’s learning experience. The results from the NSSE survey were to be used to measure the extent to which the resources provided by the government are being used to improve the student’s educational experience. In 2008, Brock (along with all Ontario universities) participated for a second time in the NSSE survey and then did so again in 2011. 2013 marked the first year of NSSE’s updated survey instrument and new customization options. 


The Office of Institutional Analysis and Planning is responsible for matters related to the NSSE survey administration and analysis.  For inquiries, please contact Joyce Bott at or 905-688-5550, Ext. 6224.


The following are summaries of the results of all four surveys:

2014 Results (Tableau Dashboard)

Section I: Summary Institutional Report (PPT)

Section II: Detailed Institutional Reports Provided by NSSE

  1. An Overview:
    Introducing the Updated NSSE (PDF)
    2014 NSSE Survey Instrument - Canadian Version (PDF)
  2. Brock Survey Administration Details:
    Survey Administration Summary (PDF; Excel)
    Respondent Profile (PDF; Excel)
    Selected Comparison Groups (PDF; Excel)
  3. Snapshot Report (PDF)
  4. Engagement Indicators and High-Impact Practices:
    Introduction (PDF)
    Engagement Indicators (PDF; Excel)
    High-Impact Practices (PDF; Excel)
  5. Additional Questions:
    Ontario Consortium Questions (PDF; Excel)
    Development of Transferrable Skills  (PDF; Excel)

  6. Major Field Report
    Introduction (PDF; Word)
    Part 1: Within Institution - Comparison (PDFExcel)
    Part 2: Comparisons to other Institutions

2011 Results

Benchmark Comparisons Report

Respondent Characteristics

Selected Comparison Groups

Summary Report 


2008 Results

Benchmark Comparisons Report

Executive Snapshot

Respondent Characteristics


2006  Results

NSSE06 Benchmark Comparisons Report (Brock University).xls