This section includes two reports:

  • Fall Enrolment – produced annually in November
  • Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Enrolment – produced annually in March

Enrolment Report

The enrolment report provides student enrolment information as of the official count date, November 1st.

Section I provides a full headcount of undergraduate and graduate students registered for the fall term, by their major(s). It also compares the current year to the prior year.
Section II provides a more detailed headcount of all students registered for the Fall/Winter session in regular undergraduate programs (i.e. excluding pre-service and in-service programs), by major and by year of study. Five years of data are shown.

Section III provides the number of declared minors by Faculty for the Fall/Winter session. Students’ majors are also indicated.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Report

The FTE Report provides full-time equivalent enrolment by department / program.

For each department / program, current year course enrolments, FTE detail for the past three years, and a ten-year summary of FTEs are provided.

Also, summary data are provided on the size of departments / programs, five-year and ten-year change indexes, changes in undergraduate course enrolments over the previous year, and average undergraduate class / section sizes.


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