Welcome to Brock Connect

Welcome to Brock Connect

Desktop Collaboration with the world has never been easier with Brock Connect

Brock University has recently unveiled our new desktop collaboration tool. Enjoy rich, high quality meetings from your Mac, PC or Mobile device (iOS/Android).

  • Hold virtual office hours with your students.
  • Host your own webinars.
  • Connect with colleagues using Enterprise Video Conference Systems.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in your own Virtual Research room.

Brock Connect is designed with simplicity of use in mind for the everyday user.

Getting Started with Brock Connect:

To install Brock Connect, click on the following link: http://brockconnect.brocku.ca/download/

Once installed, enter the server name “brockconnect.brocku.ca” and log in using your Campus ID. If you do not have a campus ID, contact Audio Visual to obtain a Brock Connect account.


Minimum System Requirements for Brock Connect

For further instruction, please visit our Brock Connect Video Guide or watch our most commonly viewed videos below to learn more about installing Brock Connect on your device. 

Installing Brock Connect (PC)
Installing Brock Connect (Apple iPhone/iPad)
Installing Brock Connect (Mac)