Brock Email Signature

Brock Email Signature


Standardized email signature

Our email signatures are another expression of our brand identity. Collectively, we send thousands of email notes each day. Consistency is important so we all portray our contact information the same way — just like we do on our business cards. It provides professional uniformity.

Sample signature:

You may copy and paste this signature and isnert your specifics.  Please ensure that the logo is inculded for external e-mails only.

Jane Doe, BComm
Director, Marketing
Brock University | University Marketing and Communications
Niagara Region   |  500 Glenridge Ave.  |  St. Catharines, ON  L2S 3A1 | T  905 688 5550  x1111  |  F  905 641 5216                                           

We use neutral, high-contrast common colours for the font (black) and background (white) to ensure sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having colour deficits or when viewed on a black and white screen to avoid creating problems for people with visual and perceptual disabilities. Again, for consistency, we use Trebuchet font.

The components of our standard email signature are:

• The first line is your name and credentials; name is in red.
• The second line is your job title.
• The third line is our University name and Faculty/department, following our brand hierarchy. Brock University is in red.
• The fourth line is our mailing address, including “Niagara Region” since part of the strategy is to provide a clearer indication of our location.
• The fifth line is your contact information (web, phone, fax, etc.). Our institutional web URL is in red. The new phone number style is to eliminate parenthesis around the area code and to keep it ‘clean’ without punctuation.
• The signature does not include an email address since your email address is provided when you send a note.
• Our institutional logo is included on the bottom right to reinforce our masterbrand with external audiences.
• Due to network congestion, the institutional logo is not recommended for internal email communications.